Pranks A Lot

Our "goals" post for April will be up tomorrow, and that's when the Polar HRM winner from last months post will be announced. We're in the car today, traveling back from a fun and busy visit with friends and relatives in the SF bay area--too short, as we didn't get to visit many folks we'd have liked to!  On the other hand, even unplugging for a few days has gotten me hideously behind on all things internet.  (I may be a slacker, but at least I like to keep it fresh with new excuses every week for not getting sh-t done).

But anyway, even though I'm not really blogging today, I do feel it my duty to warn those like me, who are often cheerfully oblivious as to what day of any given month it might be... to perhaps take a look at a calendar or other time-measuring device of some sort.

I know I'm a party pooper, but I want you all to be wary in case you should encounter any pranks and practical jokes today.

Can I just say I am not a fan?

What the heck is so "practical" about practical jokes, anyway?  The only kind I like are of the Victimless, Innocent, Cute and Entertaining variety.  (Which I guess means I'm a big fan of VICE? Actually, that sounds about right.)

So sure, if someone wants to break into our place and clean it all up while we're gone and decorate it with balloons and banners and leave a weeks worth of wholesome home-cooked meals in the freezer and leave us scratching our heads as to who could have done such an audacious thing... rock on!

But the more common kind of prank, in which people are subjected to unpleasant experiences for the amusement of others, particularly when they are being ridiculed for all-too-human reactions they might have to encountering something unexpected? I hate those. 

 (I am already on record as being easily embarrassed.)

And yet, hmm, I felt like I had to have a funny prank picture at the top of this blog post...


OK, so this moment of total hypocrisy has been brought to you by Cranky Fitness.  You're welcome!  

So have a great April 1st and be careful out there today!

Water Prank picture via

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