Muscle vs. Fat

When it comes to a pound of muscle versus a pound of body fat, gym myths abound. The truth is muscle is more metabolically active than fat, meaning it burns more calories when your body is at rest and although people say that 1 lb. of muscle weighs more than 1 lb. fat the truth is that 1 lb. is 1 lb., regardless of what it's made up of, however, pound for pound, muscle does take up less space than fat.
Muscle is denser than fat, which means it takes up less space than fat.  Two people may be the same height and weight, but the person with a higher body fat percentage will wear a larger clothing size.

Muscle tissue will burn 7 to 10 calories daily per pound. Fat burns two to three calories daily per pound. Replacing a pound of fat with a pound of muscle, therefore, helps you burn an additional four to six more calories each day.

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