Feeling Discouraged???

I have spoken with several people lately who have all shared with me that they are feeling very discouraged lately on their health and fitness journey.  Whether they're trying to eat a more nutritious or clean diet, loose weight or keep up with their workouts, it seems like a lot of people are struggling right now.  A young lady shared with me recently that she was up until recently extremely active and ate a very nutritious diet with occasional treats that she is struggling with feelings of discouragement and guilt because she has not being as active lately and she feels like she is constantly giving in to her cravings for chocolate and Famous Peppers Pizza.  She shared that she was in a change room at the mall lately and upon seeing her growing body and all it's changes, burst into tears.  (Have you ever been there?) 
Did I mention that this young lady is 6 months pregnant and is...well....ME! 

We all struggle in different ways and we have all quit when times have gotten tough.  One of the biggest mistakes we can make, is to assume that when we see someone else doing well, succeeding or reaching their goals that it was somehow easy for them, or at least easier for them then for us.  This is NEVER the case!  In fact the truth is that successes are a huge accomplishments, ones that we should jump and cheer for!  Let's give people the awesome credit they deserve when we see them reach their dreams, because it is HARD work and nothing that we want in life comes easily.  What is the secret to success?  I believe, successful people are people who persevere and when things are hard and when they get discouraged and feel like giving up, they don't.  And if they do, they take a minute to dust themselves off and they keep going!  They persevere at the times when most people quit.
I would say the most important things to do if you are struggling are:
A. Share how you're feeling with someone else.
Everyone needs encouragement and I have found that the health and fitness journey is a hard one to take alone. Not that it can't be done, lot's of people do it, but man oh man, it's just so much better when you surround yourself with like minded people!  If you are struggling and you keep it to yourself you are far less likely to overcome it.  If you don't have someone in your life to stand by you and run the race with you, email Train and I, we struggle too but we keep going and we will encourage you to do the same.  You're not alone!  
B. Do not give up!
Don't throw in the towel when you eat something you shouldn't or when you miss a workout. Keep going! 
You've heard me mention the blog "The Fame of Health and Fitness", being one of my faves.  Here's what blogger and Fitness Model, Theresa Jenn Lopetrone had to say this week,
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and having plenty of discussions lately… I realized from listening to people’s goals, road blocks, and from my own observations and experiences that when all is said and done, people ALL want to succeed and do well. I could be wrong but I feel that all people down deep in their heart want to feel good and be healthy internally. But it’s HARD to start, to continue each day, and to maintain. I know personally it’s taken me a minimum of 7-8 years to get to where I am today and I have so much to learn still. But I’m okay with this. Learning is part of the process and so are mistakes. If you view mistakes as “mistakes” then you may not be able to move forward and continue your fight. I view my mistakes as lessons and I appreciate them. When I used to view my “mistakes” just as that I used to get so upset with myself that is was crippling to my soul. I am thankful for viewing things differently now, I believe it’s the main reason I can move forward.
How do you view YOUR “mistakes”?
Very wise Theresa, thank you so much!  See, we ALL struggle...even Fitness Models
Keep going friends!  Never give up on what you really want!

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