The Nationals

Home sweet home!  St. Peter's Bay we missed you!!!!  After almost 2 weeks away, we have to admit the sweetest sight ever was to see the Confederation Bridge come into sight.  Ontario was amazing and it was so nice to spend time with our friends and family but it really confirmed to us that PEI is our home and we are so glad to be back.
Without further delay...
As you all know, Train competed in the 2013 K-1 Kickboxing National Championship.  It was a long weekend of waiting.   After weighing in at 8am, his first fight was a walk over, meaning that his opponent did not show up so his first fight was cancelled.  The next fight (at 7pm) was with a tough opponent.  He caught Train with a big shot, just a few seconds in that left him dazed.  He was, however, able to weather the storm and finished strong!  It was a three round WAR but the decision went to his opponent who went on to the finals smashing his opponent in the first by TKO and winning the belt.   It was his weekend for victory.   Although Train did not take home the belt he is very happy with his performance.  He is already training for his next fight and is absorbing all he can from this past fight to grow and become an even better fighter.

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