So You Want to be a Fighter???

Whether you are knew to Kickboxing or are looking to take it to the next level, the proper equipment is a must.  If you have attended Kickboxing classes at Train's Fitness before, you know that we do provide all the basic things that you will need to participate but we always recommend that if it is something you wish to pursue you invest in your own equipment which you can purchase through Train. 
So we know what you're wondering, what will you need???
And secondly if you can't get everything all at once, what order should you purchase things in???
Shin Pads

With all the kicking involved your shins WILL thank you for the extra protection.  Shin pads will allow for you to kick harder and for your partner to take those kicks easier.  You will use your shin pads at all classes and in the ring, should you choose to fight one day!




 There are all kinds of gloves to choose from, we sell quite an assortment.  Gloves come in different colours, sizes and ounces.  So, depending on what you're using them for Train can help you pick the pair that best suits you.  The gloves that we provide for classes are just your average run of the mill good gloves and certainly get the job done right oh man, try a "real" pair of gloves on and you WILL have to have them.  There is nothing like a really good, high quality leather glove!  Trust me, you will notice the difference right away!
Hand Wraps
Hand wraps will help protect your hands from injuries as well as allow you to punch harder.
Head Gear
As with the gloves, you will need to find the head the gear that suits you.  You can choose from different colours, sizes, materials and most importantly how much coverage you want the head gear to provide.  For sparring you may prefer to have full face coverage whereas if you are looking to compete you will need the open face style. 
When we have sparred together in the past, Muff usually wears the style with a closed face (the first one shown) as she finds shes more free to focus on sparring instead of being worried and preoccupied with getting a broken nose or black eye - to me those injuries are what I call "Badges of Honor" but she just doesn't get it!
Mouth Guard

Obviously if you are going to compete you will need to have a mouth guard but even sparring at class sometimes can involve a punch you just did not see coming.  If you want to stay focused on technique and the fun of sparring instead of walking away with a parking spot for a chiclet, invest in a mouth guard, they're pretty inexpensive.  Sometimes a little peace of mind is all you need!

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