Quick Personality Test!

So being the world's most half-assed Twitter participant, I rarely catch cool stuff as it scrolls on by.  Which is too bad because there are all kinds of great Tweeple Twittering away all kinds of Tweemendous links.

And yep, every time someone writes one of those "what not to do on Twitter!" lists, I hit pretty much every bullet point.  Swear words and offensive tweets? Check! Failure to RT or engage in conversations? Check! Just tweeting if and when I feel like it instead of on a sensible schedule? Check!

But here's a cool thing: I stumbled upon on a fun blogger/health writer on Twitter last week.
And so, intrigued, I ventured over to her blog and stole this post! Which, I'm thinking, is, um, just being friendly, right? I also discovered she has an awesome ebook you guys will like, which I will tell you more about at the end.

So this is courtesy of Helen Foster (@healthehelen) over at Health-e-Helen. Check her out!

But first here's the personality test. It takes less than five seconds. And try it FIRST before you skim down to see what it means.

Instructions: Draw the letter E on your forehead.

(Hint:  you may want to use your finger instead of  a writing implement. But whatever!  Go ahead and use indelible ink and start a new trend.)

And just so you don't cheat, here are a couple distraction images from the archives to keep you from glancing down too quickly.

Okay... hello?  Hello? Remember you were reading Cranky Fitness and there was something about a big E?

Ah good. Welcome back!

(And brief apologies to hetero dudes and nonhetero gals but for images of scantily clad female models: check out the whole freaking world wide web).

So, back to our test:

Did you draw your E so that YOU could read it if you looked straight through your head?  Or did you draw it so that someone ELSE looking at the imaginary E on your forehead could read it?

Apparently,  you are more empathic if you draw the E so that it can be read by an onlooker.

(An onlooker who just happens to be using your forehead as an eye test because they're too cheap to pay an optometrist? Seriously? How would this come up in real life? Yet empathic folks will bend over backward to make sure not to inconvenience imaginary onlookers viewing their imaginary forehead drawings by orienting them the wrong way. God we humans are WEIRD.)

Full disclosure: I came out empathic the first time but then just happened to retest on the fly later in the day, and the second time it was totally natural to be a self-absorbed asshole who didn't care at all about random strangers who might want to look at my forehead to see if they had astigmatism.

Sounds about right.

Buy Helen's Ebook!

Gymspiration, the ebook I think you should buy, is less than four bucks. If you liked mine, or even just pretended you did, you'll love hers as it's similar in tone, though I will say it lacks the cursing so you may have to supply your own. It's got 52 great ideas for mixing up your workout when you get that point where if you had to choose between the treadmill and having a colonoscopy...you'd choose the colonoscopy.

The book is quick and fun, very funny, down to earth, and manages to be encouraging without being too rainbows-and-sunshine.  Most of the ideas I hadn't tried, and even those I'd stumbled on myself were great reminders and presented in a way that made me think, "why the hell aren't I doing that any more?"

You can buy it off the Gymspiration page on her site, which lets you figure out what format you want and whether you're UK or US whatever you're from.

Or you can see if this Gymspiration on Amazon link works and get it that way.

Oh, and unlike some slacky bloggers we could mention, Helen has published a whole bunch of actual books with physical pages you can turn, crease, and spill coffee and muffin crumbs on.  If ebooks ain't your thing, Helen's Amazon Author page has lots of intriguing titles.
Do you mix up your exercise routine?  What do you think of the "E" personality test, bogus or brilliant?  Do you believe in personality tests at all?

Personality: Thomas Hawk
Cupcake and Italian Soccer Team: I forget.

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