New Directions!

And no, I'm not referring to the "New Directions" choir, featuring the fictional misfits of Glee. But hey, wouldn't it be fun to have costumes and professionally choreographed musical numbers to celebrate every new direction we take in life?

"Honey, I wonder if we should think about switching to a 'greener' toilet bowl cleaner? This stuff is probably pretty toxic..."

Cue music and lights... roll in the tile bathroom backdrops and 80 ft tall shower curtain and giant 3 story toilet, and then ... let's all dance and sing about the virtues of environmentally friendly cleaning products while dressed as scrub brushes amidst clouds of swirling turquoise bubbles!

[And hell, now that we're in the bathroom anyway, here's a complete digression for which I blame our good pal Leah at The Goat's Lunch Pail and "The Kitsch Bitsch." It's a rather astounding retro musical inducement to get your kids to consider taking a New Direction in personal hygiene. But if your sons all turn out totally gay as a result don't say I didn't warn you].

Anyway, back to the "New Directions" thing.

Do you ever struggle a bit with a sense that it might be time to head in a New Direction, yet you're still kind of attached to the Old Direction?

And yet going in many directions at once can be difficult?

And yes, this IS one of those self-indulgent, endless, "what's going on with Crabby and the blog" posts, how did you guess? Sorry about that. But I need some advice and you guys are always so smart and helpful.

Plus I'm thinking this post can also serve as a continuation of our March Goal Support discussion, for those who wouldn't mind a fresher, less crowded place to check in.  Though the old post is still good too, I'll keep visiting, and both will work for Polar purposes. (And for those of you who are not regular Cranketeers and have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, see the most recent Goal Post for details).

But first off, an announcement!

So here's an upcoming online workshop that looks great, and it at least arguably fits in with today's New Directions theme:

The FitBottomed Girls can help you "Break Up With the Scale Once and for All!"

Jennipher Walters is one of the smartest, most sensible fitness bloggers on the planet (and plus I've met her and she's REALLY NICE) and this looks to be a great class. I know too many women who feel so frustrated by the self-esteem slamming cycle of dieting/weighing/sobbing, who might really benefit from heading in a New Direction in fit and healthy living. Plus, at $49 for a whole month of weekly classes, it's very reasonably priced as well!

Lots more info at the above link and at FBG Life and there's also some registration info here.

OK, Now On With the Show...

Crabby's "New Directions" Dilemma

Those of you who've been following the goal check-ins since January know that I'm working on a second eBook.  Unlike the first one, this one is going to be entirely new material.  I'm really psyched about it and I'm having a blast with it.  However, it's going slowly because I'm struggling to find enough time for it.

Will this next ebook be a revenue-generating, traffic-bringing, publicity-attracting, best-selling, viral marketing  machine? Alas, conventional wisdom would predict otherwise.

It's not even primarily about fitness or nutrition or weight loss, which will make marketing it off this website especially challenging.

Oh, and could I pick a tougher demographic to market to? Basically, it's a "how to be a hell of a lot happier" book written for a very specific audience:  skeptical people of above-average intelligence. Yep, the very people who most loathe self help books!

Yet it's my contention that often folks with highly developed critical thinking skills actually struggle more to feel peaceful and upbeat and happy than gullible wishful thinkers do. Many conventional methods do not work for us.  As a semi-reformed cranky worrywart party-pooper myself, I have amassed a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies that I think could be helpful! Or at least vaguely amusing.

Am I concerned about the fact this may take up a lot of time to write and no one else may want to read it but me? Not so much!  My reasons for writing it are weird and complicated and could be the subject of yet another huge long blathering blog post, but trust me, I'm feeling very motivated.

Many readers also know I have a Life and Wellness Coaching business.  And wow, after a tentative and experimental entry into this odd-sounding profession, I've discovered I LOVE it! So much more fun and rewarding than being a psychotherapist was, even if that sounded fancier and got more professional respect at cocktail parties.  I suspect the awesomeness of clients drawn mainly from the Cranky Fitness crowd has a LOT to do with it. 
However, I haven't paid nearly enough attention to marketing the practice. I haven't updated the lamish website, or gotten a newsletter going, or done any of the other multitude of things one needs to do to grow a professional practice.  All I do is periodically discount my rates to sometimes absurdly low levels, which totally made sense when I was  first starting off (and I'd still like to have some low income slots).

But I'm start to take myself more a little more seriously, and I'm totally blown away sometimes by the profound changes coaching can bring.  I BELIEVE in it now!  And yet I can't help but notice that many coaches and personal consultants, often male, are perfectly comfortable charging way more than I do even if they are not any better qualified.  So I'm starting to rethink the bargain-basement approach to marketing. I don't actually suck at this coaching thing, and my many years of being a therapist help bring additional skills to the table. I still want to be reasonable, but not necessarily cheaper then everyone else in the world.

What I need to figure out is: how to find and market to more people who are willing/able to make the financial investment in themselves that coaching requires. Strangely enough, waiting around for people to find me on my blog may not be sufficient to accomplish this!

For a lower-cost coaching option, I'd love to start putting on workshops, both virtual and in the real physical world.  I have tons of ideas. (And a main theme might be: Workshops for People Who Hate Workshops! No Flowery Affirmations or Forced Sharing Required!) But, and we've got a theme going here, I haven't actually done anything but daydream.

Ultimately, other Coaching-Gone-Wild fantasies might include putting on wellness/self-confidence/life transition/goal achievement retreats, with tasty healthy food and (always optional) outdoor activities in scenic locations. Starting, with, um, Provincetown MA or San Diego CA perhaps?  Wouldn't that be fun?  Or hey, a full line of fun products including books and videos and audio downloads and funny t-shirts and coffee mugs and who the hell knows what else?

And don't even get me started on our cruise line...


Longtime readers know that I used to do a hell of a lot more with Cranky Fitness as a blog. (Daily posts! Cobloggers! Actual informative fitness and nutrition posts in which I'd research the fuck out of something and go on for 10,000 words only to conclude at the end that it's complicated and scientists still haven't made up their minds yet about what you should do!)

And while the blog is not what it used to be, I love the way the sense of community seems to be growing even as my posting and blog visiting and social media presence gets more and more sketchy.  I love you guys and don't want to lose any of you!

Speed the Hell Up?
I'm well aware that people who are productive and efficient might laugh hysterically at how little I manage to get done in a day. Yet they can laugh all they want because I'm pretty happy moving at my own daydreamy doddering smell-the-flowers pace. After 50 plus years I don't see that changing any time soon.  So productivity gains would need to come from letting go of stuff or getting more efficient, not from moving at a faster pace.  My relative peace of mind took too long to achieve to risk losing by trying to blitz through my days.

Any Ideas? What Would You Guys Suggest?
I want to do more than just daydream about these new directions. And I don't want to sacrifice too much in the way of sleep, volunteer work, physical activity, my own schlocky personal growth stuff, healthy cooking and shopping, or family and social obligations etc. I suspect there are ways I could do more in terms of reaching my goals in the same amount of time, but I'm such a creature of habit!

Sound Familiar?
Yep, this dilemma is all too common, and in fact, I love to help coaching clients with this! But this is MY life, and isn't it funny how hard it is to be objective about your own stuff?

I have some thoughts, but it occurs to me that before I go down old familiar pathways and end up surprised that I'm somehow I'm in the same place again...

Hey, wait I have an awesome resource: blog readers!  And I'd be a crappy life coach if I forgot how helpful it can be use existing valuable resources to help with new challenges.

So do any of you have any specific ideas or general strategies or encouraging words that might help me? Anyone else contemplating taking some New Directions or have some past experience with it? Or, how are you doing on your March Goals?
Glee photo swiped from GleeWikia
Birds: Wild Photons

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