Important Info About Shakeology

We want to give all of our Shakeology lovers a heads up.  Starting on April 1st they are raising the price of Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology to $129.95. If you already receive these flavours on Home Direct you will not be affected by this price change as the $119.95 will be locked in for you and you will still receive your free shipping.  If you do not currently receive Shakeology but have been considering it, now would be a great time to enroll in the Shakeology Home Direct Program.  Place your order before April 1st and save yourself $22 a month! 
Also, for a quick laugh check out this Tony Horton video about Shakeology!

This is your chance to lock in the original Chocolate/Greenberry Shakeology price, get healthier than you’ve ever been, and save $22/month—for life.

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