Hello Friends!

Well hello friends!  We haven't been posting over the last week as we were busy enjoying time with family visiting from Ontario.  Train's brother, wife and niece were here and we enjoyed every minute of our time with them.  They definitely loved PEI (who wouldn't) and will be back to visit in the summer sometime.  We kept telling them that if they loved it now....just wait for summer to come to the Island! 
Upon our return from our trip to Ontario we had the best surprise ever from our Bay Family!

First we had to close our eyes and then we had to turn around. 
We wondered what they had up their sleeves!!!

Train's Fitness T-Shirts from the Train's Fitness students! 
Our hearts were just so incredibly touched by this amazing surprise that they planned while we were away.

They even made a wee one for our little boy who's on the way!
Here they are, our Bay family, all in their Train's Fitness uniforms!
Thank you all again so much from the bottom of our hearts for all your kindness.  You have had a huge impact on why we feel so at home here!

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