Do Just One Thing... Less!


So originally this was going to be an "Ask the Trainer" post, until I realized I'd actually forgotten to Ask one of the Trainers!  So later I guess on that.

And then I thought, hey, what about a Wordless Wednesday post, that'll be quick! But that would require finding a copyright-free image so earth-shattering it would shut me up entirely, and that quest would not ultimately be any sort of time-saver.

Part of the reason I got a late start posting is I was having fun swingin' in the park, and then got caught up in email, which I get a lot of, and I was pondering the thought-provoking Just One Thing missive I receive that was all about Giving (and asking, and communicating, and other similar things).

So I thought, well, maybe I'll write a post about that!

But it turned out I had too many conflicting and convoluted thoughts on giving and asking. Seriously, it could be a 30,000 word post and I didn't even know where to start.  Ain't gonna happen today.

Problem is, soon I need to go to the pound, even though we are not supposed to call it that, where dogs and cats depend on volunteer helpers.  But it IS a pound in the sense that they euthanize animals if they get too overcrowded.  And staff is so overworked that an abandoned animal can go days and days without petting or exercise, which stresses them out and makes them even less adoptable. Thus the need for volunteers who get to come in and do the fun stuff while staff has to give shots etc.

Which could be part of the theme of giving! But really it isn't because I enjoy it too much.  I'm a Cat Volunteer and I get a Badge and a Smock and get to pet and play with kitties, yay!

Happily, this poor sweet sad guy has been adopted!

Of course I could pretend this nonpost is about putting poor kitties above blog stuff, but that would be a total load of crap.  I could just write a real post later tonight because who the hell cares when Cranky Fitness posts come out? But I have other things planned that I'd rather do, and time is up for the Blog for today, and I am trying to follow my own advice about consciously choosing priorities rather than feeling imprisoned by usual routines.

So this is one of those posts (I've done it before as regulars might recall), where I prattle on about not doing stuff to plant the idea in your mind that there may be something YOU TOO could not do today! Or, as in this case, do a half-assed job of, and cross it off your list in a fraction of the amount of time a Good Job would take.

Then go out and do something you really want to do instead!

Anyone else need a "get out of work free" card? See any opportunities today or in the near future to use it?

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