Aches and Pains

So, recently I (Muff) strained my hip flexor.  I was doing something so ridiculous and unnecessary all in an attempt to make my husband laugh that it made the injury even more upsetting to me.  WHY did I do that???  It's always the silliest things that get ya!  I'm too embarrassed to say what I actually did, but lets just say I did get the laugh from Train that I was hoping for, but it ended in tears for me.  It happened on our way back from Ontario and so I spent the day after the injury, sitting in a jam packed car unable to even stretch my legs out.  Yep, all the way from Quebec to PEI!  Needless to say I could barely move by the time we got home let alone walk.  It is hands down the worst pain I have ever felt in my life (I may say differently after July 30th when our little bundle of joy arrives!)  At one point I crouched down on the ground to put somethings away in the cupboard and had to get Train to literally pick me up off the ground.  I am so grateful for a hubby who knows all about how to heal up injuries as he has probably experienced every kind of injury possible! 
So what did Doctor Train recommend???
And you know what???  Within the week I was feeling better!  Can you guess which of the 4 things on the list was the hardest for me to do, and probably the hardest for most people?
I had so much to do, how could I just lay there???  I felt that I should push through or walk it off or something but after the first day of ignoring the Doctors orders I could actually feel it swelling up and the pain increasing as I hobbled around the house.  I decided to listen and for the next 3 days I really took it easy and noticed a huge difference.  Oh, and along with the ice I did add some heat for just a few minutes, alternating between the two.
If you have an injury always check with a doctor about what would be best for you and remember to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!  Rest if you need to rest and take your time.  It is very easy to re-injure muscles and sprains and tares.  Take your time recovering - that's to you - all of our injured Bay friends! 

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