Yummy Snack Ideas!

One of our favourite things to snack on are rice cakes. We love the flavoured ones just on there own, which may sound unappetising but, hello have you tried the Carmel Chocolate Chip ones?!?!?!?  So good!  We try to always keep some in the car incase we need a snack while we're out.
Here are two of our favourite ways to spice up a plain rice cake into a delicious dessert.
You can use plain or flavoured rice cakes, but I recommend sticking with the plain if you're adding great flavours on top because you might as well cut what ever calories you can and you won't miss a flavoured rice cake with what you're about to add on top! Next spread on some natural peanut butter and banana or strawberries, or my fave, BOTH bananas and strawberries!!!! Mmmmm mmmmm! You can add a sprinkle of cinnamon too for a little something special!

Next, is a rice cake, plain or flavoured but again keep in mind you're adding flavour on top so watch the calories. 
We then add a thin layer of Light Cool Whip.

Only 35 calories for 3 tbsp and you truly don't even need 3 tbsp to cover the rice cake.

Then add your favourite fruit!  The first time I added strawberries on top I actually  thought it tasted like a strawberry shortcake, it was DELICIOUS!  Banana is really good too, blueberries are even better and pineapple is heavenly, its my favourite with the Cool Whip!!!

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