Yep, this is the post where you can discover who won the "Rugged Readers" reading glasses.

So what's the second WIN?  Well, this post is also the commencement of a monthly version of our January weekly goal "support group," which has been a huge "Win!" for me personally.

[And there is also more info on the Resolution/Goals Support & Life Coaching Giveaway. Of course this should be the day I announce that winner as well, but, instead I'm conducting a clever Anti-Perfectionism Demonstration exercise.  To those who are overly-conscientious: watch how easy it is to screw up and get over it quickly!  I realized I need some help from interested contestants and will announce the winner in a few days. More details below, and sorry about that!]

So why was I so psyched about the Goal Support posts?  Well, not only did you guys help me rock one of my New Year's resolutions all month, but many of you chose goals that resonated with my own self-improvement efforts.  So I got all kinds of great ideas about exercise and healthy eating and mindfulness and simplifying and saving time and getting organized etc from reading your comments!

OK, maybe no one actually suggested this particular winner, but there was plenty of creative thinking.

So anyway, let's find out who won the reading glasses and get straightened out on the coaching giveaway, and then finally get this monthly "support group" fired up!

And the winner of the "Rugged Readers" is...

Trabb's Boy!!

Congrats TB, and please email me (address on Schmooze page) to let me know your mailing address by Friday Feb 8!

(FYI for latecomers curious about portable uncrushable glasses: here's the Rugged Reader Review.)

Free Life Coaching Giveaway: Still Interested? Let Me Know!

So here's the thing:  some of you may be interested in trying out the free coaching, and others of you were just there to be supportive and would probably decline.  And I didn't ask for emails up front so would have to make a big blog announcement, and then wait for a response.

How to avoid the scenario of announcing winner after winner after winner because none of the people selected actually want the coaching, but I can't email them first and ask?  A bit awkward for all involved!

So here's how you can help:

If you definitely WOULD be interested in winning the free coaching, either leave a comment or email me (schmooze page) letting me know that.  If you win, I can either go ahead and announce it on the blog or email you back first if that info is accessible. If you prefer email coaching to phone or skype, that's a bonus, because in that case I may pick 2 winners.

If you're NOT SURE, and might want to know more about it first, let me know you MIGHT be interested, and please let me know your email address so we can communicate before I make a big ol' announcement if you win.

If you'd prefer to POLITELY DECLINE,  it's fine to just ignore this whole thing, as I'm probably going to narrow down to those who are actively expressing interest. The selection process is hard enough!

Finalists will be chosen by me, probably tuesday night, but not revealed publicly; the ultimate winner will be picked from that small group by random number generator.  Some of you awesome finalists may know, in your heart of hearts, that I have chosen you. And if you are not ultimately selected, it's only because the evil RNG screwed up!

And don't forget: All Contestents who Survived this Far are Eligible for a package at 50% Off Normal Life Coaching Rates.

Re: Tardy Comments:

So due to my fuzzy menopausal brain, and the haphazard nature of my comment reply schedule, I'm discovering I missed some great comments in the resolution series as they came in. I've attempted to go back and reply to a few more, sorry about the delay!

And yeah, I know how silly it is to attempt to do that when so many people don't check back for replies, but for now, I'm liking the delusion I'm having a conversation even if no one may actually be listening.

Now, On to Goal Support! 

If anyone has a goal they're working on, we'd love to hear about it and hope you join us in the comments.

Once a month there'll be a post like this, only I'm hoping it will be more about Goals again and not a random hodgepodge of blog logistics.( But since I was super-preachy all through January, I figured you could use a break anyway).

We can each follow up with how things went with our previous goal, and/or what we're working on now if it's different. And throughout the month we can come back and post updates, and support each other with encouragement or suggestions by using that nifty "reply" button.

Since the thread is designed to be active all month, I'm hoping people will stop in often to let us know how you're doing.  We can help celebrate or troubleshoot or get you back on track. But whenever/however/whatever... it's all good. I actually get really curious and excited by all your endeavors and LOVE to hear updates and offer brief feedback or encouragement.

For myself, I found having at least weekly accountability was really helpful to staying on track, but heck, this is all a bit of an experiment. If there are too many dropouts, I'll just quietly roll up the carpets and turn out the lights and lock the door and we can all agree to never speak of this again.

Will There Be Loot?

Possibly!  If I run across a giveaway opportunity that provides for more than one winner, I'll make sure to reserve a prize solely for Support Group Participants, plus you can still enter the regular giveaways.

We need a Name For This Thing, Any Ideas?

Am I the only one who is not crazy about titling posts with variations on  "goal support group?" Support groups are wonderful inventions, but they evoke sad images of burnt coffee, uncomfortable chairs, "sharing," scruffy meeting spaces, earnest facilitators and a furtive sheepish atmosphere that I find anything but empowering.  (OK, I've never actually been in a support group but I watch lots of movies).

What's a better theme for a fun gathering of clever people who hang out together in order to find inspiration and kick ass?  I'm drawing a blank here!

And Sure, Some People Are So Strong They Don't Need Much Support

But think of it this way, if you are fierce and fabulous enough to kick ass solo?  You can come here and brag and celebrate and feel special! Which might also, coincidentally, inspire someone else who has trouble believing change is possible to keep at it when the going gets sucky.

Got Goals? Want to know what my goal is for February?  Still interested in the Coaching Giveaway? Any ideas on a name for this thing? I've got tons of questions today! 

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Picnic Pants: Yes These are Apparently Real!

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