Nothing will get you off track from your goals faster than not having a plan.  It is imperative for success in anything you aspire to in life to clearly know what you want to achieve and to be consistently and actively participating in the journey towards that dream, whatever it may be. 
Planning ahead is the KEY to success!!
I spent years setting a goal to eat healthier. I now know that I was really just "wishing" I would somehow miraculously eat healthier!  I wanted to feel better, I wanted to make better choices on what I was putting into my body but if I am honest, I did nothing to make that happen.  I had no real goal and I certainly did not have a plan.  I would often wonder to myself why I ate chips and chocolate and ice cream every night instead of choosing an apple or some carrot sticks, never seeming to realize that in order to have the option, I should probably have apples and carrot sticks in my house and stop buying all the junk food!  Why did I have a slice of pizza for lunch everyday from the place beside my work?  Well, when you sleep in and only have a bag of uncooked pasta in the cupboard and a roast in the freezer, its pretty hard to whip up a healthy lunch!  I had no plan and I kicked myself for failing over and over.  Can you relate to this?
One day though, I got serious about my goals and I was finally willing to make a plan and stick to it!  I was tired of staying in the same place, wishing things were different.
A huge key to our success is having a food prep day.  First, I plan out our meals for each day of the week and grocery shop accordingly.  Then I usually make Sunday's my food prep day, so we're all set for a busy week.   I clean and cut all the fruits and veggies, cook several chicken breasts in the slow cooker, make a big pot of brown rice etc. and I put everything in plastic containers in the fridge so it's all ready to go.   When I was working full time and had even less time to spend making meals, I would store individual sized portions of grapes, nuts or berries in zip lock bags so in the morning I could just grab what I needed.   Let's be honest, when you're in a hurry and going to be late for work, even putting some grapes in a zip lock baggie can be more than you have time for.  Another thing I used to be so bad for was buying a cantaloupe or pineapple with the best intentions of eating it and been to lazy to cut it all up when it's suddenly snack time? This has happened to me many times and it sadly ends up, whole, in the trash.  If I miss my food-prep day I find myself eating "easy," not so healthy things. Yes, prepping your food takes time initially but trust me, those few hours in the kitchen make the rest of the week so much easier and will greatly help you stay on track with your nutrition goals.   If you have kids, make it a family time.  You cut and clean veggies and get them to count them out and put them in baggies for family lunches. 
The key to eating healthy is to make it easy for yourself.

Another awesome thing that works really well for us is planning our treats and preparing for them.  If Friday night is our "home night" and we're going to watch a movie and have some treats we plan accordingly.  On Friday (not Monday!) we go to the store and buy the treats we want for that night only.  We eat what we buy that night and enjoy it, guilt free!  If there is anything left, which rarely happens to us :-)  we throw it out.  If you don't get rid of it, you need to accept that you have just made your plan for tomorrow, you will eat it!  I've been there many a time folks, and I have reasoned and justified some very odd things!  I mean come on, that poor little donut, just sitting there, I can't leave it, I ate its little friends already, it deserves to be eaten.  I can't throw it out!  I know I threw out those bananas but this is different!  Trust me, don't surround yourself with foods that will keep you from your goals.  It's hard enough without the temptation staring you in the face when you do your evening graze of the kitchen! 

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