NutriPro Juicer Giveaway!

Brand New! Efficient! Easy! A Few Quick Minutes and You're Done! 

And yeah, this may perfectly describe the Bella NutriPro Juicer but...I was actually speaking about this blog post.

Because this is gonna be brief folks, as there is a comprehensive and enormously helpful NutriPro Juicer Review over at MizFit's blog.

Check it out! It will fully explain the awesomeness of this machine, plus there are lots of adorable pictures.

And just how stupid am I?  I mean, um, how just how generous am I?  I figured since I was a "blender person," and not much of a "juicer person," I'd do this as a blog giveaway because I know many of you like to juice the hell out of things and I wasn't sure I was mentally prepared to cheat on my beloved healthy smoothies. Even if it might be tempting to start spending my mornings with a thinner, lighter, sexier breakfast companion.

Now, reading what I missed out on, I'm thinking Carla is a heck of a lot smarter than I am. (Well, I knew that anyway).  This looks to be a very high end machine with amazing powers. And I had no idea you could do stuff with the pulp like bake with it! 

On the other hand, my loss is your gain, if you are the lucky winner. (And sorry, this one's U.S. only).

Since I was too dumb to experiment with it myself, let me introduce you to this handsome no-blade, cold-press type juicer by lazily cribbing from the promotional literature and then taking shameless liberties with it.

Why this thingy looks like it could be pretty cool:
  • It uses a two-stage cold press juicing technology that operates via a chewing (mastication) method to produce high-quality juice from each fruit and vegetable.  (Which sounds kinda creepy in a way, but let's assume it only chews what you feed it and will not develop a sudden craving for small pets or smartphones).
  • The single juicing screw in the processing bowl first crushes, the compresses and squeezes out the juice. (Oh crap, we have squeezing and screwing in the same paragraph, here come the porno googlers!)
  • There are no fast-spinning blades that cut and pulverize the fruits and vegetables to produce juice. This minimizes oxidation, no heat is used, and more nutrients and enzymes are preserved. Enzymes aid digestion, keep you youthful and vibrant and increase energy. Enzymes also help break down foods and tell the nutrients where they are most needed in the body. (Hey enzymes, while you're turning me all youthful and vibrant, could you also send some cellulite-destroying nutrients straight to my ass? 'K thanks!)
  • The NutriPro Juicer  yields more juice from certain fruits and vegetables than other juicers. For example, the NutriPro produced 66% more pineapple juice than one of its main competitors. (Pina Coladas, yay!  Breakfast of slightly inebriated champions!)
  • It's also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It's sleek vertical design easily fits on the countertop and saves space over larger horizontal professional juicers.(And if you start drinking celery juice instead of all those carmel frappucinos, you too may be sporting a new sleek vertical design).
Also, FYI, the juicer retails for  $250, but they also have a trial offer with free shipping for 15 bucks if you don't win and are curious.

To Enter The Giveaway

Sorry again that it's U.S. only. Just leave a comment and the winner will be announced next Monday and you'll have until Friday the 22nd to claim it or someone else gets YOUR cold press juicer.

Are you juice person, a smoothie person, both or neither? Thoughts about juice?

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