Multifarious Musings, Minutia, and Miscellanous Mentions

I kinda love the word "multifarious." To me it sounds a bit like a combination of nefarious, mischievous, and mellifluous.

"Multifarious" seems likely to misbehave, doesn't it? Perhaps it might steal our silverware or tell dirty jokes when children are present. But on the other hand, it could suddenly launch into a sweet ballad from the old country that reminds us of one our grandmother used to sing.

Hey there, ya' mutifarious group of quaint old codgers!

Whatever sort of multiplicity it heralds, one expects something more intriguing from Multifarity than a mere random assortment of unrelated things.

But sadly, the boring old accurate title to this post might be:  "Coaching Giveaway Results, A Few  Interesting Links, And Crabby's Self-Serving Pitch for Life Coaching!"   And why would anyone want to click on that?

So first up:

The Free Life Coaching Package goes to...

Shadowduck! And Shelley!

And yeah, it was hard enough not to pick EVERYBODY, I loved all your comments so much.  And the finalists were all so appealing!  I decided I had to run the RNG twice.

And a few words about the Coaching Thing...

As old timers know, I am not known for open-minded optimism in the face of new ventures.  I am a skeptical crab; one might even say something of a Party Pooper.

So when I first dusted off my MFT license and years of psychotherapy education and experience and retrained as a Life Coach, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.  Sure, a phone/web based mobile coaching practice would fit my weird bicoastal lifestyle since I couldn't be a face-to-face psychotherapist anymore.  And I knew my favorite part of doing psychotherapy practice was working with high-functioning clients pursuing personal growth goals.  But that was all about ME and what I might enjoy.

What about clients?  Could they really benefit from  "Life" and "Wellness" Coaching?  The field is new and kinda "woo-woo" sounding, practitioners often make inflated unrealistic claims about it, and many flakes seem to be attracted to it.

Well, now that it's been about a year and a half, I can say after working with a bunch of clients: YES LIFE COACHING CAN HELP PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOR THE BETTER! It's often cheaper than therapy, more practical, and less stigmatizing for people who aren't suffering from "disorders" but just want to take a more proactive approach to their future.

It's amazing how setting aside time to figure out what you really want in your life, and how exactly you're going to get there, can make such a difference in stress management, health, satisfaction, sense of purpose, contentment, achievement, and happiness.

But hey, can't you just buy a self-help book and do this all on your own?

Yeah! In theory anyway.  And some people do, and I totally recommend this route, it's cheap!

However, ultimately it doesn't work for many folks.  We read this stuff, we feel inspired, and maybe we even do a few exercises and think differently for a few weeks and life gets more complicated or  we just plain run out of steam.  We forget about our dreams and goals and just "get by" again.

In contrast, there's something about the collaborative, supportive nature of coaching that seems to spur inspiration, new ideas, courage, accountability, and most importantly: follow through!

It's very weird that it works as well as it does.  It ain't rocket science. Clients do all the real work; I just provide structure and mostly listen and ask questions and add a few thoughts or a different perspective. Yet I continue to be totally impressed with the brave choices and changes clients make in their lives...sometimes small and steady and consistent, and other times huge and liberating.

Anyway, I'm still relatively new to the field.  The plus side to this is that even my normal life coaching rates are on the low side compared to more seasoned coaches. And, I sometimes have deals like this latest January Resolution Support Group thing, in which all of you who participated are eligible for 50% off the first package. (And, due to the blog discount, 25% off after that).

Just something to think about!

Or heck, maybe you are already living the life of your dreams. In which case, sheesh, skip those coaching sessions and go out for a nice dinner instead.

Goal Support, Now Open All Month Long!

Another form of support for your goals and dreams are the newly christened Cranketeers! We are, I hope, going to keep checking in on our progress and encouraging each other throughout the month. The January goal thing was so fun we're giving it a try on an ongoing basis. So if you haven't discovered it yet, go visit the very first ¡TOMA! post.  TOMA stands for the Thread of Mutual Awesomeness, and if you skim through the comments you can find out much more about why it's called that.

(If you're new to blog commenting, try using the Name/Url option, pick a name, and just leave the URL blank and see what happens!)

OK, now a few Links:

I am loving the videos and the inspiration over at Kim's site, Day With KT.

The demonstations are challenging (I can never do nearly as many reps as Kim), yet the quick workouts are generally constructed from easy to follow moves. The videos are nice and short so you can get the idea with out investing a whole morning listening to a complete physiology lecture or meandering chit chat or a sales pitch.  Check it out!

I'm also really enjoying Gaye's blog Confetti Drop.  She's honest and fun; today's thoughtful post is more on the serious side; in lighter moments she's almost as nutty as I am!

And the awesome Geosomin alerted me to this poignant tale from The Oatmeal; be forewarned you may be blinking back a few tears.  If you'd like something lighter, there's always the Work at Home alternative, an oldie but goodie.

What's everyone up to this Wednesday morning? Multifarious thoughts?

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