It's Free!

As anyone knows who has seen me scarf up 20,000 calories worth of junk food samples at Costco, I am very fond of stuff that is Free. Often my lusting after Free leads to poor choices, but sometimes, free is good!

For others who like Free, I wanted to pass along a link for a free 12 week lecture series on self acceptance by some of the rockstars of evidence-based personal growth. Hosted by Sounds True, the Self-Acceptance Project has presentations by folks like the awesome Brené Brown, my geek-crush Rick Hanson, Harville Hendricks, Kelly McGonigal... the list goes on and on and on.

And yeah, the skeptical cranky part of me still cringes a bit inwardly at enthusiastic advice to embrace "Self-Acceptance" or to "Love Ourselves" or "To Be Our Own Best Friends" or whatever.  In fact, I couldn't help noticing that the acronym for this series is "SAP."

But wait, what the hell is that about?  It's better that we should all go around feeling crappy about ourselves?

I'm finally getting it that those of us who tend to feel reflexively barfy when we encounter the earnest vocabulary of self-improvement often miss out on cool stuff. So I'm gonna try to suck it up and watch some of these myself; anyone else?

Oh, and a couple more things to alert you to, including a link I couldn't stop laughing at...

First off, speaking of Sounds True: I like 'em enough that I signed up to be an affiliate, though I haven't done anything other than put a small ad at the bottom of the page that no one has ever clicked on.  Anyway, in the spirit of full disclosure, I theoretically could profit by letting you know about a couple of courses coming up, but I'm actually just excited about them. But, um, if you wanna try clicking the banner below and shopping from there and seeing if it gets you $10 bucks off, we could test drive this thang.

Sounds True

Anyway, first up, Rick Hanson's Enlightened Brain interactive online course is happening again, for those of you who recall me gushing about it in the Enlightened Brain Review.  And BrenĂ© Brown has a new course too called The Power of Vulnerability.  I haven't taken it, but as it happens, recently two different people sent me a link to one of her Ted Talks from 2010 within the space of a few hours. Which was either a weird coincidence or perhaps a nudge from the universe that I'm either oozing too much or not enough vulnerability and either way could perhaps benefit from putting a little freakin' Power behind it.

Brene is a great speaker and the Ted talk had me smitten.

And finally, here's a totally unrelated hilarious link for Downton Abbey fans. But warning: DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU ARE UP TO DATE.  It's a spoiler-filled FaceBook recap of the last Downton Abbey Episode. Bonus: the link is not actually on Facebook so you don't need to be signed up to read it.

Have a great weekend!!

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