Happy Accidents

Of course not all accidents are happy ones.

However, some of my favorite personal (and often bizarre) discoveries only happened because something Frustrating and Annoying and Seemingly Pointless preceded it.

And btw, on a totally different topic, 'cause why not, this is not a freakin' textbook, my search for an "accident" picture led me to a terrifying (photoshopped, thank god) image that so succinctly captures one of my many phobias that I just had to share it!

Am I the only one who envisions this outcome as enough of a possibility to make amusement parks less amusing? And so yeah, I have trust issues. Do carnies really inspect every part and tighten ever bolt they're supposed to? So all this personal development stuff below has not entirely transformed my suspicious personality.


Just one boring recent example and some further prattling and then I want to find out what YOU guys have discovered accidentally.

(And yes, those of you who are part of the Thread Of Mutual Awesomeness comment thing may recognize this briefer, lazier blogging approach as part of the get-the-next-goddamn-ebook-written goal. And hey, speaking of which, is it time for a goal check-in? Stop back soon and let us know how you're doing! Plus, there may be some giveaway opportunities later this month reserved just for TOMA participants. Or it may be next month. But things are in the works.)

The Sad Story of My F--cked Up Walkman

So for years I'd been calling my iPod a "Walkman" and driving the Lobster crazy because, well, I'm old and stubborn and that's what I always call any portable music device even though I am well aware that iPods took over the world many years ago.

But now, I actually own a Walkman again! I wanted something with at least 16GB but I wanted it bigger than a postage stamp but smaller and lighter than a big-ass phone, and Apple had annoyingly phased that option out, so I bought one of these thingies:

Which is fine and I'm glad I made the switch, though it has its frustrations. But this is not a product review.

Anyway, one day I was heading off to the gym and was horrified to discover I'd run out of batteries, because the music was playing really slowly!  And it got worse when I discovered that no amount of charging would restore the tunes to their former perkiness.

I can not work out to disco funeral dirges. Crap! Was I gonna have to go back to iPodlandia after all and start over with a new player?

Well, duh.  EVENTUALLY I discovered that there is speed control button on this thing, one that had somehow been jostled onto a super slow setting.

Wait... a speed control button? One that can also bump up a 130ish bpm podcast useful only for walking into a 170 bpm podcast perfect for my elliptical workout?  Hooray!! Acceptable faster music is much much harder for me to find than typical "workout" speeds, so this was an awesome discovery.

(And sure, it sounds hilarious and freaky at first to hear your tunes speeded up, but I got used to it surprisingly quickly and now I have a whole new universe of free podcast options for elliptical tunes!)

Which I never would have discovered if I hadn't "broken" my Walkman.

This Shit Happens All the Time To Me Now

I won't haul out nine million more examples, but how many new recipes, workout routines, restaurants and even friendships have come into my life because something else that was supposed to happen got screwed up or fell through?

Even bigger annoyances like my prolonged hysterectomy recovery, or my insomnia or plantar fasciitis etc have brought new insights and resources that have greatly aided my ultimate health and/or personal growth.

I suspect there have been many more instances of this, big and small, throughout my life, but I didn't pay enough attention. And in fact, more often I perceived the universe as indifferent at best, or often downright hostile.

I am so much happier now that I actively LOOK for evidence that the universe is sneakily on my side. Weirdly enough, the more I look for happy accidents, the more I find them.

And it doesn't even matter if this is a real phenomenon or a case of wishful thinking.  Logically I know the latter is more likely, but I don't even care anymore. As long as it feels real, I get to live in a subjectively more benign and cooperative world where I am always lucky and blessed, even if  I have to put up with temporarily aggravating shit every now and then.

Random Thought From the Universe:

And how timely was it that a clever Cranketeer directed me to the website "TUT," which will send you messages from "the Universe," should you be up for them?

The one I got while finishing up this post?

"For every unexpected bump, turn, or squiggle on the path of life, Crabby, you pretty much have two choices:

Accept it as if you yourself had meticulously planned it and as if you're being watched by 10,000 cheering angels who love you so much, you're pretty much all they ever sing about.

Or, accept it, kicking and screaming, as if it were some freak accident or random mistake that had befallen you by chance.

I know which I would choose,
The Universe"

Anyone else ever find this to be true or have any examples?

Cautions: Lenara
Rollercoaster: Vipez

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