Do You Wait Until Things Break to Pay Attention?

So I am writing this on a laptop that appeared to have totally crashed this morning.  I kept getting an error message that gave me only one option: turn off the computer.

Have I backed up my important documents in the last several months? No! But I've sure as hell been meaning too, especially as I've been noticing all kinds of suspicious computer behavior of late.

After the first 3 tries rebooting, I figured it was hopeless.  But I so WANTED to deny reality that I tried 3 more times.  Nothing.  And then once more... and voila, suddenly after the 7th try it's back from the dead!  Sure, it still freezes up every so often for no reason, but it looks like I can at least crank out a quick blog post.

Of course I am sorely tempted to go on my merry way and forget any of these warning signs of impending computer disaster because hell, it's working again now.  I really don't want to go without my precious pc for who knows how long, leaving it in the clutches of some brightly lit and hideously overpriced National Chain, or at the workshop of some cheaper yet possibly creepier random geek from Craigslist.

And as I contemplate my course of action, it occurs to me that this issue comes up a lot for busy people: when to ignore signs of trouble and when to take the time to fix them.

It seems an especially common dilemma for those looking to get fit and strong in the most efficient way possible, yet who may be dealing with body parts that are sending out subtle or not-so-subtle signals that they may need a break and/or some maintenance or repair work.

So how much attention do you pay now to stuff that is not actually "broken" yet?
Constant Vigilance Isn't All that Efficient

Unless you have all the time in the world, it generally makes sense not to panic at every twinge your body may send out.  The older you get, the more of these you experience, and if you don't eventually cultivate a little "wait and see" attitude you would spend your life in the doctors waiting rooms leafing through HighLights for children and magazines aimed at pregnant women and folks with HIV, because at least at my health clinic they are too cheap to spring for anything else.

You guys have probably seen this already, but if you haven't yet turned 40 and want to know what you're in for, this is pretty damn funny.

Yet Waiting Too Long Has Downsides As Well

I don't need to belabor this, because no doubt you've figured this out yourselves.  There is an optimal point of intervention BEFORE it's too freakin' late that may save you frustration, time, pain, and possible humiliation.

Which Leads to A Weird Segue...

[And am I the only one who fears that we may one day be forced to spell "segue" Segway because of the silly contraption now seen careering around many downtown tourist areas menacing innocent pedestrians?]

An Advance Warning of the next Giveaway!

Normally I don't alert people about giveaways, but next week's giveaway is totally in the spirit of "Take Care of Stuff Now BEFORE You're Screwed Later."

But it's not as sexy as an electronic gadget or a new pair of running shoes.  It's a book on how to modify your eating habits to give yourself an excellent chance of avoiding Alzheimers.  I've got an interview with the authors and we'll be giving away several copies.

The problem?  I'm afraid we may not get enough comments because of the subject matter, as worthy as it is.  So I'm hoping kind Cranky Fitness readers will stop by for that and help make these guys feel welcome, even if you may end up handing off your copy, should you win one, to someone else who may appreciate it even more.

And Another Advance Warning

I'm thinking it might be wise of me to get the damn computer fixed, so my internet access may be compromised for a while.  I may be able to borrow the Lobster's when she's not use it, or try to use my smart phone, but anyone who has ever received a text from me knows how hopeless that particular means of communication is.

So, what about you guys, do you tend to take care of things before they break?

Dog photo: Jodene
Computer photo: English Invader

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