Train's Dieting 101

10 days ago I, Train, started a strict diet in order to cut weight for an upcoming fight.  I will be competing in the National K-1 Kickboxing Tournament at 185 lbs but 10 days ago I was 215!  In the last week I have lost 15lbs.  My diet consists of 5-6 meals a day and lots of working out.
Coming Soon... A 185 lb Train
Meal #1 - In a bowl I mix less than a quarter of a cup of oatmeal, one spoon full of fat free yogurt and one cut up banana
Meal #2 - Shakeology mixed with water and ice
Meal #3 - 1 can of tuna or a chicken breast with half a piece of whole grain bread.  I make myself a quarter sandwich and add a tiny bit of low fat mayo and have 3 baby carrots on the side
Meal #4 - A quarter can of pork and beans
Meal #5 - A can of clams
Meal #6 -  Shakeology mixed with water and ice
Shakeology has been an absolute life saver for me as just one glass a day gives me ALL the nutrition I need for the day.  Plus, it definitely helps take away the cravings.  It is literally like 5 trips to the salad bar!  There's no way you would eat everything in one day that Shakeology holds in just one glass.  Take a look...
Contact us at if you want to add Shakeology into your diet.

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