Sweat like a dirty pig!

We've talked about weight loss before in the past, today we're going to get into body thermogenics.  Your body is in a thermogenic state when you feel hot and when you are in this state, hot and have a good sweat going, you are burning the maximum amount of calories and fat.  Also, while in this state you are way less likely to sustain an injury. 
So, before you read any further...
 You absolutely, positively, CAN NOT be afraid to sweat!  If you afraid of getting a good sweat going then stop reading right now, step away from your computer.  Crawl up into the fetal position it's time to suck your thumb!  LOL!
So, one of the best ways to get into a thermogenic state is to:
A)  train in a warm environment, keep the windows closed and crank the heat if you have to
B)  prior to a workout drink a pinch of cayenne pepper stirred into some orange juice (this gets the heat going from the inside out)
C)  train wearing a few extra layers especially when working outdoors (know your limits and peel away the layers if needed)
D)  always drink water throughout your workouts but drink room temperature water as this will allow you to keep hydrated but prevents your body from cooling off too early
E)  drink a warm cup of coffee or tea before your workout as this will really fire you up
F)  if you want to get extreme, like Train, invest in a sauna suit and work your buns off in it!

NOTE:  if you choose to follow E or F ensure that you are sipping plenty of water throughout the entirety of your workout as dehydration can be very dangerous.
Train in his sauna suit with layers of clothing underneath.  Note that he has even taped himself in at the bottom with masking tape!  I call this his Edward Scissor Hands suit!
Look at your body like an oven.  In order for it to work properly you have to preheat it!  Generally, it takes your body about 20 minutes to enter a thermogenic fat-burning state.  After that first 20 minutes is when you really begin to start burning fat.  These tips that I have given you are to help you preheat your body and reach that thermogenic fat-burning state as fast as possible so you can really maximize your results.

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