Rugged Reader "Rugged Reader" Giveaway"

And no, the post title is not a typo born of late night sleep-blogging. Nor is it a sign that you're suffering from double vision... though the giveaway does have an optometrical angle!

 Oh Dear!  You Can't Focus on That Lamp?

You see, this a giveaway contest for the rugged readers of Cranky Fitness who'd like to win a cool pair of compact, portable, nearly indestructible "Rugged Reader" eyeglasses. (Canadians too!)

The glasses can be clipped easily onto a pocket.  And, made of tough polycarbonate, they form their own case with rotating arms. (Arms? Wait, that sounds funny! Is there another word for the thingies that hold glasses to your face?). They cost about twenty bucks, which will either sound like a bargain or quite pricey depending on your normal eyeware buying habits.

If the video thing below works, check out the clever design. (And have no fear, you get the gist in 7 seconds and there is no annoying sound track to alert bosses or spouses that you are blogsurfing yet again).

But what if you are too young to need "cheaters?"  Lucky you!   If you don't have any needful close friends or relatives, then you're free to go about your business...

That is, unless you're brave enough to stick around to witness the graphic Eyeglass Ass-Squashing Test undertaken in the Cranky Fitness Laboratories. 

A few random eyeglass-related matters first though:

You May Need Glasses And Not Know It!

First off, some of you who think you don't need glasses may actually be suffering from a common underdiagnosed ocular condition that may require treatment.  Be very alarmed!

But how would you know? Well, as it happens there is a handy reading glasses quiz hidden deep within the dusty Cranky Fitness Archives.

I Know I Just Bragged That I Don't Need Reading Glasses
So it's true that since discovering a miraculous presbyopia cure I rarely need to use reading glasses anymore. But rarely ain't quite never, and sometimes low light conditions or exremely tiny print force me to sheepishly borrow glasses from companions, sort of the way smug ex-smokers must feel in weak moments when they find themselves bumming cigarettes off their happily unreformed pals. It's nice to have your own emergency resources discreetly stashed away.

OK, now on to the glasses at hand...

Quick Photo-Review of Rugged Readers

They are indeed small and convenient and portable! Here they are next to a pen.

They have smaller lenses than most, but they seem to be good quality and do the job well when called upon.

They come in several colors and styles, though with a camerphone it's kinda hard to tell that the Lobster has a red pair and I have a tortoiseshell pair.

They even have a butch camouflage pattern, especially handy for macho dudes who find the notion of reading glasses a bit sissy to begin with, and generally prefer to squint or just make shit up instead of actually reading it.

Squash Test:

The glasses had no problem being sat upon!

And lest you think the chair was too cushy, this test was repeated on the only hard-surfaced seating we have in our condo, and again, no breakage.

(But there's no way in hell I'm putting up a picture of me sitting on the toilet, even with lid down and pants up).

The only quibble about the glasses is:  because the arms function as a case, they don't curve over your ears. This means the glasses may slip off more easily than most when you look down.

Wanna Win A Pair?

Just leave a comment below and we'll let the random number generator pick a winner. Be sure to check back in a week to see if you won, and if so, be prepared to email me your mailing info by Friday February 8th.

Any of you need reading glasses, or have thoughts about eyewear or crappy vision, or anything else you want to say? How the heck was your weekend?

Lamps: Quinn Anya

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