Resolution Support Week 4: Do Less

Making lifestyle changes can be kinda exhausting, right?

Shifting priorities and putting more focus on new goals means you will be summoning up MORE willpower, MORE time, MORE resources, MORE planning, MORE mindf--cking, MORE successes to celebrate, and MORE horses to climb back up on after you fall, even if you're really sore and depressed and pissed off and you'd much rather sulk and swear.


So where does all that "MORE" come from?

Sometimes creative thinking can result in new efficiencies, or you can multitask, or drop some timesuck that you weren't that excited about anyway. When that happens easily, yippeee!

But often, the MORE required of a new healthy habit change results in a LESS somewhere else.

And unless you picked a stupid-ass goal on a whim that doesn't make sense for your life, you're going to have to come to terms with the costs of slacking off somewhere else.

One popular method of dealing with this dilemma:  beat yourself up all that time. Assume that this extra time and energy should magically appear from nowhere, and if things start to slide elsewhere, tell yourself it's because you are an inefficient timefrittering first class f--ckup.

This is a very popular approach and one you may already be employing.  Er, how's that working for you?

On the Lookout for Less

A sad and scary fact that many of us are in denial about: there will always be more stuff we "should" do and "want" to do than we have time or energy for.

There is no "getting it all done" until you're dead. If you're curious and open and paying attention, the world will keep serving up fun diversions, worthy causes, creative challenges, self-care needs, important personal relationships to nurture, and exciting long term dreams to chase until there is more on your plate than you can possibly devour. Being "behind" isn't a temporary problem: it's life.

Two bits of advice:

1. Be twice as vigilant about Declining or Getting Rid of Obligations and projects as you are about Accepting New Challenges. For many, saying no to others or to ourselves is hard and takes practice.

2. Find and cultivate a place in your brain that can be happy in the moment just Being, regardless of where you might be in the arena of Accomplishing. This is not easy! If it were, we wouldn't need all 9 million self-help books, several hundred thousand self improvement websites, or most major religions.

So notice how I'm taking my own advice here and Doing Less and making this a short post? Yay me!

Those of you who are doing the support group/giveaway know the drill, and I am love love loving all the great comments!!!  Please let us know how you're doing on your goal, or any thoughts you have on doing less, and leave at least one additional supportive comment replying to someone else.

Others of you who are curious can still play; start with the resolution support post and then the next find the joy in your resolution post and then last week's resolution FAIL post and check it all out.

Note: There are apparently some evil comment problems on the blog and some of you can't get in. Acck, sorry!  And I have no idea how to fix it.  But if you're on Facebook and want to comment over there, that's good too, especially since hardly anyone chats over there and it could be fun to perk that up a bit and it might even give me more incentive to put additional stuff up.  (FYI, due to FB being sinister, to get all the Cranky Fitness posts, you now need to hover your mouse over where it says "LIKED" and click on "Add to Interests Lists.")  But next time I do something like this again, I'll try to think ahead on the comment problem.  Again, sorry, that must be frustrating!

Next Wednesday the 30th will be the last resolution support group, unless there is some unanticipated and unlikely desire for an ongoing interactive goal-support post with no giveaway aspect. In which case, heck, I'm game if enough other people are.

And then in early Feb I'll choose the winner of the free 4 session life and wellness coaching package!  Plus, anyone who hung in there and participated all the way through or made a sincere effort to catch up is eligible for a 50% discount off of regular life coaching rates rather than just the 25% Cranky Fitness discount, should this be anything you are interested in. Life coaching may not be as exciting a prize as a shiny new water bottle or colorful gold-plated earbuds, but on the other hand, you can't forget your coaching on the treadmill at the gym and have someone else walk off with it, right?

So, How's It Going With Your Goals?  And/Or What Do You Think About Doing Less?

Catnap photo: Ludie Cochrane
Horse fall: People Falling Off Horses

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