Resolution 2013: Let's Rock It Together Giveaway

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

I often do, but at the same time I think they're sort of ridiculous. Should I really expect an arbitrary date on the calendar to yield sudden magical results not obtainable other times of the year?

Yet some of us can't help ourselves. The start of a new year seems to provide a motivational a kick in the pants as well as a cheerful, if delusional, sense of renewed willpower and self-discipline.

So all the gyms will be temporarily packed with bewildered newcomers; sales of diet pills and weight-watcher's frozen dinners will spike; there will be additional purchases of bathroom scales and running shoes and promising home fitness gadgets.

Sorry, Time Machine to Send You back to the 70's Not Included

(And perhaps a few people will even buy a cheap exercise book filled with suggestions and silliness and swear words! Not that any particular humorous fitness ebook comes to mind... even if we do happen to know of one written by an incorrigible search-engine abuser).
Anyway for most people, resolutions and good intentions will fade in a few weeks or days or even a few hours.

But hey, how about this year we do something different?

What if we pick One Damn Thing and focus on it together for an entire month? It doesn't have be a Resolution, either, just any goal or aspiration you'd really like to make some progress on.

Here's my crazy scheme...  (and yeah, there's a giveaway involved, but feel free to ignore it if the whole giveaway/promotional thing is getting too annoying):

Cranky Fitness January Resolution Support Group and Giveaway!

I personally could use some accountability and support, anyone else?  But the notion of attending an actual support group that requires leaving the house and sitting in uncomfortable chairs and focusing on my goals alongside earnest strangers who may or may not have bad breath or communicable diseases is not as appealing as firing up the ol' laptop.  Plus, do they even have support groups for trail mix addicts or meditation slackers or people who are trying to get their second ebook written? Not every personal growth issue is blessed with a convenient infrastructure for face to face meetings.

So here's what I'm thinking, is anyone game?

1.  Pick a goal, either public or private, that you want to focus on.

2.  Put up with my blathering about a possible tip or approach in a weekly post. You don't actually have to read it.

3.  Leave a comment sharing something/anything about your process or progress regarding your goal(s) on each weekly post in January. You can whine or brag or rationalize or ask a question or change your mind and pick a new goal or even admit defeat entirely.  Whatever you want. Today it may just be announcing that you have a goal of some sort, whether you want to share what it is or any observations so far... or not! Again, it does not have to be a New Years Resolution, just something you're working on.

4. Leave another comment on each weekly post replying to someone elses comment. You can be supportive in some way, or just let that person know that someone besides Crabby read it and gives a crap.  (If the reply option isn't available on your interface, just leave a new comment addressed to the person you want to reply to).

4 1/2.  Optional: feel free to get interactive if someone has left you an interesting comment or reply! Just try not to get snippy if their input wasn't helpful; we all come from different perspectives.

5.  I'm hoping a few people will hang in there all through January.  If so, one person will be selected, and this time NOT on a random basis, to get a free 4-session package of Life Coaching or Wellness Coaching or New Year's Resolution Coaching or whatever the heck sort of personal goal support that you might find helpful.  These can happen by phone, skype, or email.

6.   And everyone who comments on all posts who is possibly interested in a Life Coaching Package can get 50% off my standard life coaching rates rather than the usual 25% Cranky Fitness Discount.
7. People who think life coaching is a laughable enterprise however cheap or free it might be, or who fear that Crabby may be a Crappy Coach, do NOT need to feel the least bit awkward declining should they win.  The real purpose of this thing is to rally our sense of community a bit by supporting each other.

Take My Advice, I'm Not Using It

Just as I can't help making resolutions myself, I also can't help giving advice.  My own track record on keeping resolutions is far from perfect.  (Colonoscopy? Check! Handstand push-ups? Seriously?) Yet most years I've been blogging I've assembled some sort of list of thoughts or tips.  If you came here looking for one and don't mind an additional click or two, I got some thoughts here:

Got New Year's Resolutions?

#1 Secret to keeping fitness Resolutions

How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Resolutions, Schmezolutions

This Week's Pretty Obvious Thought/Tip about Resolution Success

Visualize life a year or two from now if you keep to your goal.  Daydream about it... in detail, if possible.

How will life be different? What will you look like, feel like, how will people respond to you differently?  And then pick out some reminders--actual pictures or they could be mental images, affirmations, post-it notes, etc that you can come back to frequently.

The more vivid and exciting you can make your goal, and the more you remind yourself of it, the more you will be able to resist temptations to slack or cheat.

Duh, right? But it's easy to get lazy about this and think that a vague mental order or prohibition to behave better will be all you need.  For most of us, it ain't.

What's My New Year's Resolution?

Yeah, I'm going to play too.  That way if no one else does, I can win and give myself some free life coaching!

I have a few goals, some new and some ongoing, but I'm going to focus on just one for now.  To find out what it is, please join me in the comments!

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