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We have been getting so many questions lately about the nutrition guidance that Train offers.  A lot of people are looking to make changes in the way that they eat and are at a total loss as to where to get started.  That's where Train comes in!  He can work with you to create customized meal plans based on the foods you enjoy and your lifestyle. 
Here's what Janet had to say about her experience of receiving one on one nutrition guidance.
The reason I met with Aaron for a consult was simple; I wanted to lose the weight I had repeatedly gained after many attempts with multiple different programs. As long as I attended meetings and weekly weigh ins with other programs, I did great and the weight would stay off. When it came time to be accountable to myself on my own time, I found myself slipping back into old habits again, and the weight would sneak back on.
I found something was always missing with the other programs, but when I met with Aaron one on one, I found what had been missing. Aaron focused on my life, my habits, what I did well, and what I needed to work on. With the individual attention from Aaron, I was not trying to fit in to a program that was made for many, I had a program designed for me.

Aaron has the unique ability to motivate me to be accountable to myself, to make the changes that work and to dedicate myself to them. He taught me the kind of nutrition I need for my body, and tailored a plan that has great success for me thus far, and I am sure will continue to do so.
I finally found what was missing in my previous attempts with the comprehensive and informational individual session with Aaron.I look forward to continuing to work with Aaron for further successes!
75% of your health and fitness results is based on what you eat.  For some sound advice contact Train at

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