New Year, New Lifestyle!

Christmas is such a great time of year and it brings with it a lot of fun and excitement to our lives.  It also brings a lot of changes to our normal routines.  We tend to eat larger portions and have food or drink that we wouldn't typically have, we get extra time off work so our bed times and rise times fluctuate and for most people they take a break from their normal healthy workouts and activities.  By time the New Year arrives and you start to think about "getting back to normal" it can seem a little daunting.  Perhaps you've gained back weight you previously lost, or you just feel so out of shape that you wonder how you'll keep up at the next fitness class.  But don't fear, Train is here!
  Do not be discouraged, the past is the past and it's all about what you do now, in the present.  If you have taken some time off from your normal active workout routine you may not be able to jump right back in where you left off.  If this is the case, Train has found in his experience that the best form of exercise to ease back into your routine is walking.  There is no better form of exercise than walking and it is by far one of my favourite things to do.  Ideally you want to walk a minimum of 20 minutes daily at a brisk pace.  This first 20 minutes is basically preheating your body, which means anything above and over this amount will go towards fat burning.  If 20 minutes seems like a stretch for you, that's OK, start off going the longest you can handle and make it your goal each day to add a minute or two to your previous time until you can go for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Before you know it you will be going farther than you ever thought you could!  If you can find someone to walk with that would be the best, Train and I walk together and find it a great time to hangout together and talk.   The time goes much faster when you're not alone and great conversation keeps your mind occupied.
Family walk on the trail (our favourite place to walk!)
Muff and Spike bundled up warm.  Spike has to wear his little camo coat to stay toasty!
Train and Muff

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