Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!  Our first Christmas here on the Island was wonderful.  We missed our families for sure but had a great time just the two of us, or should I say, the THREE of us ;-)  That's right we found out that we are three now!  Well four counting our puppy Spike!  And if those twin genetics from my mother's side kick in, it could very likely be five!  We'll find out in the near future, I guess!  Next Christmas will be a totally different one for us as we'll be joined by our cute, precious little baby.  We are beyond excited and at the same time find it very surreal!  Can this really be happening?  We're really going to be a mama and papa?!?!

We didn't get a Christmas tree this year, instead we had a Christmas Ficus!  We only had two Christmas decorations up in the house that we were given this year from my aunt Mary Lynn as a gift.  All our Christmas things are packed in a storage unit in Ontario waiting to arrive on the Island in the spring.  Next year will be a little more festive!

Our Christmas festivities are usually centred around calorie rich delicious foods but this year there wasn't a whole lot of eating going on!  Aaron is training for an upcoming fight and is watching his diet closely and my pregnancy has left me so unbelievably nauseous with an aversion to everything except OJ, pineapple and Subway!  We did, however, splurge one morning with two of Train's specialities.  Something you may not know about Train is that he is an AMAZING cook!  Seriously!  I am a very lucky woman!  He treated me one morning to his special home made crepes with custard, bananas and whipped cream and my absolute favourite thing ever, Eggs Benedict.  My oh my!  It was a good morning! 
Trains banana custard crepes.  Mmmm mmm!

My absolute favourite, Eggs Benedict!  Better than any restaurant could EVER make!  I don't even order them anymore when we go out!

We were spoiled by our families again this year and I know the highlight for Train was receiving his person punching bag, something he has dreamed of having for years.  I've tried it out too and I have to say it is so cool.  Man, does it ever feel good to hit someone right in the face!
Train and Bob
Poor Bob, we act friendly to him now but he doesn't know what he's in for!
Our New Years was a quiet one.  I stayed in my jammies the entire day and was shocked that we both actually stayed awake until midnight!  We had a fun night curled up on the couch watching t.v. and just enjoying being home together.  Although I wanted to, I just couldn't bring myself to break out my knitting on New Years Eve.  I mean really, is it not bad enough we were home, in our jammies, struggling to keep our eyes open, I was feeling old enough, I just couldn't throw knitting in the mix!
So, what do you all think about New Years resolutions?  I have mixed feelings.  I feel on one hand, that there is no time like the present to make improvements in your life or to break old habits or begin new ones.  I mean, if something comes to you to change on a Wednesday afternoon in July, just go for it!  On the other hand, I seem to not be able to shake the amazing fresh new feeling that January brings and it really encourages me to think about the things I want to keep doing and what things I want to add into my life.  Without adding any pressure to myself I certainly have a few things I am hoping to start doing this year and a few things that I am wanting to keep up on again this year.  The main thing that I am planning on this year is staying active and fit during my pregnancy.  I have been so sick for what seems like forever now but I am hoping to soon start feeling a little more like myself and get back to working out like I am used to.  What about you, what are your dreams and goals for 2013? 

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