File Under "W", For "What the...?!?!"

Ok, so I'll admit it, and I'm sure I'm not alone.  I have fallen victim to purchasing an item from an infomercial a time or two before.  Now regardless of whether or not I do purchase something, I do easily get entranced by whatever it is that they're advertising and I seem to just not be able to look away!  Last night I saw something that my eyes will just not forget!  It's called The Power Nap Pillow or the Ostrich Pillow.  Now don't get me wrong, naps are great, being rested is great.  In fact Train and I love nothing more than a little mid day cat nap (I know what you're all thinking...enjoy it now sista'!  Soon napping, or sleep for that matter will be but a joyous, distant memory!)
So without further delay, I give you The Ostrich Pillow

Yeah, that's right people! 
I seriously cannot believe my eyes! All he needs to purchase is a Snuggy and he'll be in heaven!

Now, sure these guys will be well rested, but what good does being well rested do for you when you wake up to find that you're luggage was stolen while you were sleeping?!  Are you a napper or a traveller?  Would you wear this?  I guess propping your head up on your hand is a thing of the past!   My honest, albeit vain opinion is this, I will simply never, ever, in any way be tired enough to put this on.  Lol!!!

Oh, and did I mention the Ostrich Pillow also allows for discreet naps at the office!

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