Secret Holiday Weight Loss Trick

So yeah, while this is actually a handy weight loss tip if you can take advantage of it, the post could be more accurately be titled: Warning, Fitness Blogger With Shitty Camera Phone Ahead.

Anyway, what's the Secret Trick?

Walking after dinner to view Christmas lights! And other weird blurry night time things.

Do those of you who live in unwalkable or inhospitable or unlighted neighborhoods feel a bit grouchy to hear this unhelpful advice? Sorry!

But for those of you who can bundle up and get your asses out the door after dinner, wandering your  neighborhood, or even driving to another more festive neighborhood but then getting out of the car and walking around is a great way to enjoy the season while burning more, rather than fewer calories.

I am a big fan of walking at night, and am lucky enough to have always lived places where this is possible. While I don't see as many drag queens in San Diego as I do in Provincetown, even when it's not holiday season there are always interesting things to see.

I just wish I had better photography skills, or you could check out this surreal topiary collection that I may never find again. (Because I do tend to wander quite a ways on my adventures and have no sense of direction and have had to use the gps more than once to find my way home).

You can go for a leisurely stroll or take some tunes and get your heart rate up; at night you can often dance around like an asshole and be unobserved except for the occasional dog-walker... and most of them are staring intently at their pooches with "pee already, for cryin' out loud" expressions and don't even notice any overly enthusiastic leaps, spins, or fist pumps.

I am not Christian, but this doesn't seem to dampen my enthusiasm for bright lights in the big city.

And it's fun to appreciate the colors without having to haul out a bunch of damn extension cords and tangled lights and perch precariously on a ladder trying to see how far one can extend before falling off and breaking a limb. Though I guess that whole exercise counts as "functional fitness?"

Anyone else like to go for evening rambles? Is wintertime strolling a possibility, or are cursing those of us lucky enough to have that option?

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