Make the Portion and Calorie Cut


I'm a big fan of Jillian Michael's and own two of her workout DVD's.  I love them because they're so hard and I hate them because they're SO hard!   I literally say unkind things to her through the TV while I work out! She's tough, she pushes people to keep going but you certainly get results if you do what she says! 
Here's a short little article I found of her's with a few great ideas on cutting calories and portion sizes.  I think its especially helpful at this festive time of year!
Make the Portion and Calorie Cut By: Jillian Michaels
We’re conditioned to believe that more equals better. Just look at the endless marketing of fast food; we’re constantly encouraged to eat more in order to take advantage of a “bargain.” But what kind of a bargain are you getting if you’re eating 100 french fries in one sitting just to save a quarter you wouldn’t have spent in the first place? And the reality is that (we) are paying for this illogical thinking with (our) health and (our) lives.
Here are a few techniques you can use to keep your portions under control.
  • If you’re at home, use smaller plates. This creates the illusion of eating a bigger serving.
  • If you’re at a restaurant and you know the portions are going to be huge, ask the server to put half your meal in a doggie bag before it even hits the table. This saves you money as well as unnecessary calorie overload.
  • Share an entrée with your dining partner.
  • Make a new rule for yourself: Always leave something on your plate. This reminds you that you are in control of the food, not the other way around. A little bit of empowerment can go a long way!

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