Goodbye, 2012!

Just a quick post to wish all a Happy New Year!  And to warn you there will probably some sort of resolution-related post Jan 2nd, as well as an announcement about the winners of the Awesome Sports Bra Giveaway.

And are we all grown ups here?  New Year's Eve does tend to skew a little more Adult that other holidays in terms of celebrating.

So here is an Adult health tip:  Eating asparagus may prevent a hangover.

Followed by an Adult Safety Reminder: Do NOT Drink and Drive For F--ck's Sake!

And yeah, this nice man almost got killed by a drunk driver; you can get the full story over at Geosomin's blog I am Woman Hear Me Run.

So please, designate a driver, stay home, or don't drink! 'K everyone, do you feel duly reminded?

And Have a Happy New Year's Eve!

We are slowly making our way back home today from holiday family festivities, as well as wonderful Big Gay Seattle Wedding, and will be on the road hoping people stay reasonably sober until we get back. Then we plan a quiet evening at home with just a few good friends.  The great thing about spending New Year's on the west coast? If you're an old fart like me, you can watch the ball drop in New York at 9pm and be in bed by 10! 

So those are our plans...any of you have anything wild in mind, or do you like to ring in the New Year more sedately?

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