Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti

Last night we had one of our favourite suppers, Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti.  If you have never tried this before, you must!  It is so unbelievably good and an amazing alternative to pasta.  For anyone who does Weight Watchers, Spaghetti Squash is ZERO points.  My mom was very excited about this discovery! 
To cook the Spaghetti Squash I simply cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds and pulp, sprinkle with a little pepper and lay face down in a glass baking dish, or cookie sheet lined with tin foil.  I place in a preheated oven of 375 F for an hour-ish.  It really depends on the size of squash you pick.  You'll know it's done when a fork can pierce the skin easily.  When its done you just take it out of the oven and use a fork to "spaghetti-ize" it as I say.  Just start dragging the fork along and it will start looking like noodles, it's actually really cool!  I beg Train to come and watch every time, its fascinating!  As I go, I scoop it all into a large oven safe bowl and put it back in the oven on low for whatever time it takes me to tidy up and get everything else ready for supper.  Spaghetti squash can be a little on the moist side and in my experience putting it back in the oven for a bit takes some of the moisture out and keeps it from pooling liquid on my plate, which I hate!
As for the sauce, just make whatever pasta sauce that you enjoy.  There are lots of great easy options to add lean ground beef or ground turkey to, like Ragu which hides a full serving of vegetables in every half cup.  Regardless, I always add my own chopped onion and green and red pepper. 
Sprinkle a little low fat Parmesan or mozzarella cheese on top and voila! 
I know this may be unlike anything you've tried before but trust me this is delicious and I bet you will be so happy that you tried it!

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