No Regrets

So this week I've been a little under the weather, fighting a cold.  At Train's urging I decided to head out to our fitness classes as usual instead of remaining on the couch in the fetal position.  I was hesitant, but he insisted that in his experience, he always felt better after working out.  I went hesitantly, but I went.  I pushed through the class and by the end, I felt so good!  Train was right!  I am so thankful for someone in my life to encourage me to keep going and am happy that instead of ceasing all my activities like I normally would, I kept up with my fitness routine.  Yes, I had a cold this week, but I actually felt quite good and I believe I recovered faster because I kept my body moving and active.
The truth is, there will always be an excuse to not workout.  I used to be the person always saying, "I'll start on Monday."   You know, cause it doesn't count if you start on a Wednesday!!!  Lol!!  Trust me, I was the queen of excuses!  There will always be something else to do and truth be told if we're waiting to "feel like it," well, that day is probably never going to come.  With that said, I always wonder why I fought it because when the workout is complete, I realize how amazing I feel and I am always so glad that I did it, no regrets!
Surround yourself with people who will encourage you towards your goals and live the life you desire!  There is strength in numbers! 
Never give up, keep moving forward friends!

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