Go Bay Team!!!

This is a little shout out to my fellow classmates of Train's Fitness in the Bay.

Is it just me or are we going to be the fitest people on the Island?!?! 
I am loving our classes everyweek and I myself am seeing results.  My arms and legs are difinitly more toned then when I first started and I have noticed other people's bodies changing as well, which is so awesome!  Thses results are the reason we are pushing ourselves to get out to class at the end of a long work day and sweating and working our buns off....for some of us, literally!  I am just so encouraged to see all of you perservering, week after week and want you to know what a motivation you are to Train and I.  Consistency is the key and we all know how life just has a way of creeping in there and keeping us from the things we really want.  I am really proud of all of you for coming out and working so hard and you should all be very proud of yourselves.  What we are doing is not easy, but, as my dad always says, "If it was easy, then everyone would do it."  And the truth is guys, everyone is NOT doing what we are doing!  We are all busy, but here we are, three times a week, sweating and perhaps sometimes feeling a little discouraged, but we're in it together, we keep coming out.  We all want the same thing and there is such unity and hope in that. Thank you all for being such an encouragement to Train and I and for pushing me to not give up and not find an excuse to not make it out to class.  I am so happy to have met you all and to be workning so hard together
~ Go Bay Team.

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