Les Mills Body Combat Giveaway; Introducing the Fit It!

A couple of product announcements today, both of them rather cool.

So first we've got a reader giveaway of a 5 DVD martial-arts style workout video from the Les Mills folks called Les Mills COMBAT.

And next up, I thought I'd let you know about a brand new Pinterest style photo-sharing and pinning site aimed at the fitness community called The Fit It

These both look like promising ventures, so wanna find out a bit more and see how you might win the DVD set?  This time, Canadians are eligible too!

(And I swear more "real" posts that are not reviews or giveaways are on the way. I'll spare you the usual 10 paragraphs of apologies and rationalizations and philosophical thoughts about health blogging and commercialism).

Body Combat Giveaway:

What is Les Mills Body Combat? 
It's a 60 day program in a set of 5 DVD's based on the popular Body Combat class. It's a martial arts workout incorporating moves from karate, taekwondo, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing, capeoira, and jiu jitsu.

Does the flattering gleam cost extra? I'll get back to you on that.

These martial arts moves are choreographed in escalating sequences, beginning with controlled moves then shifting to dynamic power moves and vigorous high-speed combinations, using “Fast Twitch Integration Training” approach that Les Mills is known for.

No equipment is necessary, and if you are already a Les Mills fan, you may be happy to discover that the DVD's come with with the adorably fierce trainers Rachel and Dan to guide you.

And Holy Crap do they looked psyched to kick your ass!

Music is of the same type that Les Mills classes and DVD's are known for. And what is that type? I haven't heard it myself but it's described as "today’s most popular music and great heart pumping remixes of older songs we all know and love." Which sounds way more promising than the vaguely porno-like musical tracks that most exercise DVD's have, but again, I haven't checked it out myself.

Giveaway Details: This is a pre-order giveaway, sponsored by Paul over at Fitness Body Online, who was sympathetic to my plea to include Canadians and has made an effort to make all his products available for shipping to Canada.

Because we love Canadians here at Cranky Fitness.  What's not to love?

So the pre-order part means you may not get your product for a few weeks, but according to Paul, "the winner will get a confirmation number showing that the order is placed and as soon as it ships a tracking number."

To enter, just leave a comment below; winner will be announced Friday Oct 19 and you will have until Wednesday the 24th to claim your prize. (Email address can be found on the Schmooze page).

Now, what's the deal with The Fit It?

Am I the only one who signed up for Pinterest yet never uses it?  Or are there any of you who are Pinterest junkies but are mainly interested in the health/fitness aspects and wish there were a bit more focus and community?

Well, The Fit It has just launched and is trying to address that. It's a brand new fitness-specific pinning site. And wouldn't it be cool to get in while something is still new for once? I'm thinking one can have greater visibility when things are quieter rather than getting lost in the crowd over at The Bigger Site. And then when it inevitably gets bigger, you will be a renowned and influential fitness-pinning phenomenon with legions of admiring fans!

Also, while they're starting off with just pinning, in the next few weeks they plan to add all kinds of  fitness tools and apps.

Want a more coherent explanation?  I'll leave it to the helpful promotional material I received to explain it better:

TheFitIt.com provides a better focus to peruse images, websites, blogs, and fitness tools with a 'Move It' button, similar to pinning with Pinterest. With thoughtful fitness related categories, you can look through favorite fitness attire without searching a general fitness category. If specialized workouts are what you're interested in, preview the board and 'Move It' on to your own desired Move Board for easy accessibility. If you follow your favorite fitness gurus on Facebook and you want to pin or 'Move It' on to your Move Board, TheFitIt.com allows you to do just that. Boards are invaluable for organizing images for inspiration, tracking details, or envisioning what the future can hold for your fitness goals.

Full Disclosure: So if I'm not already Passionate about Pinning, why would I be going out of my way to introduce these guys to you? Well, partly because it really does sound like a great idea. But also, true to form, there's something in it for me... I'm getting promotional consideration for some future advertising so if I ever get off my ass and get some graphics together, I can try to promote the blog and my coaching practice and ebooks etc.

How do you feel about Martial Arts workouts?  Or Pinning sites?  Or heck, how was your weekend?

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