Keep Moving

Never give up!  Keep moving!
For most of us we can be our own worst enemy.  In regards to fitness and nutriton I was always very "all or nothing," and I couldn't figure out why I always felt like I was failing.   I struggled all the time with thoughts that I had to be perfect and do everything perfectly or my efforts were somehow meaningless.  Train is always telling me and his fitness students to listen to their bodies.  If you feel that you can't do a specific exercise, just keep moving!  Our Bay class has heard Train many times say, "If you keep tripping up on that skipping rope, toss it aside!  Don't give up, shadow skip, don't stop moving!"  There is such freedom, hope and encouragment in that!  Never give up, keep moving!  Even if you didn't do it perfectly, you did it!  Now that's the feeling I want when I finish my workout!

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