Gaiam Giveaway!

So, hi there! I'm finally crawling out of my dark cave-like hole (blinking furiously and weaving a bit), attempting to re-enter the bright light of Real Life again. The first Cranky Fitness eBook has been sent off!   It should be coming out sometime in October, unless the publisher takes one look at the first effort and says, "Reeeaaally Crabby? Reeeeallly?" In which case who knows.

But it's been a while since a giveaway, and this one is kinda fun! It's from Gaiam, and they'd like to introduce you to the Gaiam TV channel.

They are kindly supplying a 3 month subscription to their streaming video service as a prize to a random winner, on which you can watch any of nine billion or so exercise videos. (OK, that number may be approximate).

It's not just exercise either: they also cover personal growth and travel and relationships and sustainability and a ton of other topics, in case you'd like help with meditation, metaphysical questions, or have a pressing need to troubleshoot your compost pile. (Seriously, they have that covered).

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! (to quote my favorite line from infomercials). For this giveaway, they're also tossing in a yoga mat or some stretchy bands or other similar accessory from their catalog for a value up to $60.

Wanna find out more?

Who Can Win?

The good news: the streaming video subscription part can be won by anyone! The bad news: I'm afraid the part of the prize that manifests itself as a physical object in the material world requires a U.S. mailing address. But non-U.S. folks who have a generous streak could still win the 3 month subscription and then designate a U.S. person to get the exercise toy, and make someone of their very own choosing happy! Or I could do that part for ya.

What is GaiamTV?

First off, let's be lazy let Gaiam speak for themselves with a quote from the site:

"Gaiam TV is the first streaming Internet TV channel designed to integrate your devotion to a lifestyle of health and sustainability (also known as LOHAS) with your rapidly expanding digital lifestyle."

What's Especially Cool About it:

Their offerings look pretty darn extensive; they've got over 2,000 titles.  If you're curious, it's really worth a look at the scope and depth of their offerings over at the Gaiam TV site. And they promise, pinky swear, that they will be adding new stuff all the time.

Even if you don't win, a subscription runs a fairly reasonable $9.95 a month and you can stop any time.  You can also try it for free for ten days and see if it gets your draggy LOHAS off the couch. If you don't like it, you can cancel before your ten days are up and not be out any money. (However, I believe it's one of those deals where they take your credit card first to verify, and may throw a few cents on there and then subtract it back off again. Don't freak out but also don't forget to cancel if it doesn't knock your socks off).

How to Win the Free 3 month subscription and the Fun Fitness Accessory

Just leave a comment below!

If you want to mention what would be playing on your "dream" personal TV station constructed specially for you, that might be fun to read, but really, just say anything other than leaving a spam comment for some cheesy website or product. I reserve the right to delete those even from giveaway posts.

If you're not paranoid about spambots you can also leave your email address and go about your business. But otherwise you'll need to check back Oct 3rd to see if you won and email me by October 8th to claim your prize. (My Email address is cleverly hidden over on the Schmooze page, not that I still don't get thousands of spam emails a day but whatever).

Winner selected by random drawing, but if the Random Person misses the deadline I reserve the right to quietly give the prize to any commenter I choose.

Hope everyone is having a great week, and good luck on the giveaway!

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