Training Journal 8/6-8/12

Monday August 6- Sunday August 12: This was a big week, both in mileage and elevation gain.  Purpose was to peak mileage this week and next around 90+, but I got all the way up to 114 miles and 31,300 feet of climbing in only 4 days of running!  A little note on the two days after this week: I ran a 18 mile on Monday the 13th and a 40 miler on Tuesday the 14th with little negative impact.  My shin around my ankle has some tendonitis, other than that I feel really good.
Crossing the Mad River (?) near the end of the 53 mile loop.  Picture courtesy Dan Probst
Monday: Day off
Tuesday: 53 mile run with 13,300 feet of climbing in 70-90 degree heat.  First Loop of Plain 100 course with Dan Probst.  Took us 14:30, mostly because I had stomach pain in the last 10 miles and had to walk a bunch.  I continued to have trouble the rest of the week with swallowing and was unable to eat a full meal until Sunday.  Issue resolved itself with no explanation.
Wednesday: Day off
Thursday: 32 mile course marking day on the Angels Staircase 60k course.  9,000 feet of climbing, lots of walking and carrying heavy stuff.
Friday: 13 mile run to set up Water station at Martin then I ran up to Crater lake.  So pretty!
Saturday: 16 mile, 5,000 foot climb up Angels Staircse to take pics for the race. 
Sunday: Day off (Not bad, 3 days off and 4 running with 114 miles!)  Received a massage

Miles of Running: 114 miles
Elevation Gain: 31,300 feet
Biking Miles: None
Biking Gain: None
View of Crater Lake, near Angels Staircase

Me the photographer at the top of Angels Staircase

A little timed picture of me running at the top

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