Let's Make a Deal!

No, there's no need to peek behind a curtain, as in that insufferable show.

This is a different kind of deal-making.

Have you got something you've been feeling guilty about, even if that guilt is unproductive and is not actually motivating you to accomplish anything?

If so, would you like to put that guilt aside for a little while?

Well relax, we gotcha covered!

But wait... can't guilt be a good thing?

Sure!  If you're feeling guilty because you're planning to squander the last of your family's grocery money on lotto tickets, bon bons, whiskey, and tips for strippers, then yes, please continue to feel guilty until you come to your senses and get your butt to the grocery store and buy some broccoli or something.

And no, sorry, "beefcake" is not a legitimate grocery expenditure.

But sometime guilt is just demoralizing, distracting, and useless.

For example, let's you have some sort of injury that means you can't work out the way you're used to, but you still feel crappy that you're not doing your normal routine. Is feeling guilty going to make your injury heal any faster?  No it isn't... yet you do it anyway. And if you do enough of it, you may get fed up and decide to re-injure yourself and then put yourself out of commission for an even longer period of time. Thanks a lot, guilt!

Or say you know you need to start meditating, or stop smoking, or start a new healthy eating or exercise program, and you have definitely decided to make that a priority... but right now you're in the middle of a temporary family or work crisis and you don't have either the time or the motivation to deal with it.  If you're not actually going to do anything differently until the crisis is over... how does beating yourself up about it help?

For me, it's my usual breast-beating about how I should keep up the blog when I go on long trips, especially now that it's pretty much the only marketing vehicle for my life and wellness coaching practice (which I love and am getting fairly decent at but which could always use more clients). But guess what? No matter how sincere my intentions, I never manage much more than a few guest posts and travel photos when I'm on the road.

Which is weird, since I always write tons of imaginary posts, distracting myself from real life adventures by trying to describe them as they're happening to people who are not there.  Other bloggers manage to turn these into real posts, yet I can't! When I leave home, some mysterious travel vapor takes my brilliant ideas and turns them into trite and clunky sentences as soon as I try to write them up.  Even worse, all the "not posting" on the road takes up more mental energy than "posting" does at home.

So here's our deal: over the next day or so, Cranky Fitness can become your own personal and official Guilt Removal System.

Feel vaguely guilty about anything but have no plans to address it directly at the moment?  No problem!

Simply leave a comment documenting your misbehavior or slackitude or regret.    I will then ponder your situation and behavior thoroughly, evaluate whether it endangers innocent bystanders, and if not...

I will reply to your comment granting you complete absolution! You are now free to go about your life without beating yourself up.

To make this absolution Extra Specially Potent, you could also include an additional mention of how, eventually, when the time is right, you might take a simple step to actually do something to address  the source of the guilt. But that part is completely optional. Your absolution is unconditional.  Go have fun, drop the guilt, and put that pent-up energy to better uses.

In return, if anyone would just copy and paste this phrase into a comment (or make up something similar), I'd be most grateful:  "Crabby, don't bother feeling guilty about not posting much of anything on the blog while you're gone.  We don't give a crap if you post anything or not!"  I will then address my blog slackitude over the next few weeks by posting when I feel inspired, and saving any unused blog energy for when I get back.


Two other random items:

Don't forget the Wun Jo giveaway, deadline is the end of today (Friday 7/27);

And remember my review of Rick Hanson's Enlightened Brain online course?  Bottom line: it was great! Well, I just noticed that it's now on sale over at Sounds True for only $29... a pretty good deal for a 6 week self-paced audio & video course.  Be sure you pick up the discount code at the link on the home page (for me it says SGCOURSE)  because you might not see that if you go straight to the page that has the course description.  Note: I don't have any sort of affiliate relationship with Sounds True, though now that I think about it, why the hell not?  I highly recommend their stuff.  (And not just because the gal behind Sounds True, Tami Simon, introduces a lot of the courses and has the sexiest voice I've ever heard, at least on a product as wholesome as a personal development course.  I swear that has nothing whatever to do with my enthusiasm. Er, probably.)

Anyone feeling any useless guilt about anything? Get your Complete Absolution here!

Let's Make a Deal Photo: I'm guessing from somewhere at Let's Make A Deal; Stripper pic from the movie "A Night in Heaven."

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