Getaway Giveaway: The Wun-Jo!

Yep, once again the spoiled crab is taking off for an out-of-town adventure. So this will probably mean sporadic posting, a possible guest blogger or two, and self-indulgent photos of Crabby and the Lobster grinning happily at the camera in far-flung locations. Oh lucky readers!

Is there any chance I will write something informative about health and fitness while on a house-swap to Edinburgh, Scotland for almost a month?  Gosh, I bet there's nothing better do during the freakin' Fringe Festival than stare at a computer screen composing blog posts!  

And seriously, do you really want to read yet another post on how to exercise while away from home and avoid eating too much crap? No, you do not. I've written countless "how to stay fit while traveling" posts and so has every other blogger who ever stuck a pair of running shoes into a suitcase, ordered a salad at a burger place or bought a guest pass at a gym. You know the drill by now. Happy traveling involves shaking up your normal routine, not blowing it off completely. (Though thanks to Shauna I have been warned about the Edinburgh Cake Ladies and other Scottish temptations--some of which I may have to investigate... purely for research purposes.)

So instead, here's a pre-trip giveaway of the Wun-Jo, a clever fitness contraption that coincidentally, would make a perfect traveling companion. (Though if you win, the thingy might not arrive for a month or so, so be prepared to be patient).

So what the heck is a Wun-Jo and what does it do for you and how might you win one of your very own?

At it's most basic, the Wun-Jo is a bag you fill with water so you can fling it around. However, the water doesn't stay in a lump; it flows from one end to the other as you swing, so the Wun Jo make for a much more fluid and pleasant experience than you'd get with a kettlebell.

I would not be smiling if this were a kettlebell.

The Wun-Jo can be filled to different levels for more or less resistance, and it's a kind of workout that can be done comfortably by kids, old folks, those recovering from injuries, or lazy bloggers. However, there are also sport-specific uses that can challenge pro athletes. Benefits include improving range of motion, building strength, correcting left/right imbalances, preventing injuries, and improving overall coordination.

For some ideas of things you can do with it, check out Ron Lemire, the inspirational (and limber) dude behind the Wun-Jo, bustin' a few moves with his pals in the streets of Boston.

Giveaway Details:

So how half-assed are my organizational skills? So half-assed that I'm not sure if I'm boxing up my own Wun-Jo and instructional video and sending it to the winner, or whether the Wun-Jo folks will be sending a new package when I tell the who won. Warning: if it's the former, the packaging will be sloppy and shipping may not happen until after I return in September. But it will also mean Canadians are eligible. (And if you have a memory like mine, you may have completely forgotten by then and the arrival of the Wun-Jo will seem like a surprise gift from the fitness gods!)

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post. What's the deadline for entering? Ha! Good question! That probably depends on whose Wun Jo is up for grabs. The winner may be chosen any time after Friday July 27th, and winner will have until Aug 10 to claim the prize.

Good luck!

And has anyone else ever done or considered a house swap? Or does the notion of Others Occupying your Dwelling UnSupervised give you the heebie jeebies? Or, more on topic: do you enjoy flinging things around for fitness?

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