Can't Sleep? High Tech to the Rescue! (Review and Giveaway)

Whatever it takes.

Anyone ever have trouble sleeping? Show of hands?

Oh goodness, that's quite a few of you!

Well let's see what we've got here.  Hmm, a review of Sheex Performance Bedding, and a reader giveaway of the LARK sleep sensor and docking station.

Plus the usual irrelevant prattle that Crabby Slacker is famous for would be famous for, if she were famous.

First, you may wonder, why am I just doing a lazy product post instead of writing an informative, comprehensive guide to beating insomnia with a compilation of all the latest research?

Well, that's because:

1. I'm really freakin' lazy.

2. You've read that all "sleep hygiene" stuff a million times before and it's not hard to find on the web. The Mayo Clinic, for example, has insomnia advice, and a quick visit to Dr. Google turned up another 42 tips for getting to sleep.

Yet many people diligently try all these sorts of suggestions and still find themselves wide awake at 3am reviewing their most humiliating high school moments or wondering whether the refrigerator kicking on every few minutes has always sounded as loud as a cargo plane making an emergency landing on the kitchen counter.  So I'll let some other eager health blogger write that helpful post.

3. Stress makes sleeping harder, and so why should I scare insomnia sufferers half to death by listing a bunch of Horrendous Health Consequences?  In fact, let's just state for the record that chronic insomnia will not make your brain explode out of your head, result in random limbs or digits falling off, or cause you to sprout horns, fins, or a tail.  So next time someone starts to tell you about some grim study, just put your hands over your ears and sing the alphabet song over and over until they go away. Or, alternatively, start shrieking it at high volume until someone hauls you away to a securely locked facility where they have nice nurses and soundproof rooms and heavy-duty drugs and you can get some rest.

OK, so now on the The Stuff.

Sheex Sheets

Gosh, I was a short-haired, middle-aged brunette when I went to sleep...
 That's some amazing technology!

Now don't get too excited; this one is a REVIEW not a giveaway. The giveaway is is of the LARK thingy below.

The premise:  Sheex makes "High Performance Bedding" and it's billed as "The Preferred Bedding of Professional Athletes." The company founders come from the world of women's basketball so the idea of using high performance athletic fabrics in bedding must have seemed like a slam dunk. (har, har). Oh gosh, how will I ever rebound from such a corny joke? 

Now I am not a professional athlete.  But I am a professional whiner! As well as a sufferer of epic hot flashes and occasional insomnia,  plus I'm a hyperactive tosser-and-turner and a championship perspirer.  I could win an Olympic medal in sweating were there such an event.  They must have figured: Crabby McWho?  Well, she's grumpy and the right age for hot flashes, good enough!

The technology: the sheets are made from athletic "performance fabrics" designed for "temperature control, moisture transport, breathability, four way stretch, durability, and superior feel."

What I thought of them: Quite comfy!

At first I did feel a bit weirded out by the synthetic feel. They're very soft, so they almost feel like "real" sheets, but not quite.  It's the same way that a high-tech workout top can be cool and comfy and practical but still make you momentarily nostaligic for your old favorite cotton T-shirt because that's what you're used to, even though your brain says get over it, the new stuff is better. But I got used to the texture pretty quickly, and the sheets were an immediate hit with the Lobster.

The important thing: they do stay dryer than cotton sheets, hooray!  Though I think I fantasized that this would somehow prevent me from waking up throughout the night drenched in sweat... they didn't.  But the sheets, while high-tech, aren't spun from fairy dust.  All they can do is wick the sweat away once it appears, they can't magical restore my premenopausal temperature regulating abilities.

The sheets are stretchy so that they're easy to put on the bed, and don't wrinkle easily, and though they're thinner than cotton, they seem well-constructed and built to last. They retail from $159-$219, so if you're not a greedy blogger grabbing up free sheets for review, and that's within your bedtime budget, you may want to give them a shot!

Giveaway: The LARK Sleep Sensor and Docking Station

I haven't tried this, since they're designed to work with iPhones and I have a Droid, darn it!

But according to the promo material, the LARK’s app and wristband monitors your sleeping patterns, and analyzes your “sleep health” on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It can also "wake you up silently through a vibrating sensation that gently rouses you from sleep without disturbing the person lying next to you." It figures out your "specific Sleep Type" and "creates a personalized report for easy better sleep so you can optimize the other two thirds of your day." It's an official product of the National Sleep Foundation, and cheaper than hiring a herd of sheep to leap over your head every night.

Curious? Leave a comment, and a random winner will be chosen Monday June 25th. The giveaway includes the watch and docking station, which retails for $99. But sorry, it's U.S. only, and the giveaway does not include an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch, so if you, like me, ain't got any of those, this thingy might not do you much good.

Good luck!

Anyone have any trouble sleeping? Or waking up?

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