Getaway Giveaway: Les Mills PUMP!

What's the "getaway" bit?"

Well, it's time for another cross-country schlep! Crabby and the Lobster will be taking off for 3 weeks or so in Fran the Van, to make their way from San Diego CA, to Provincetown MA for the summer... via Seattle.

Wait, via Seattle?  WTF?  Is there a longer route one could take to traverse this ginormous nation of ours?  Well, perhaps not. But screw it, we have friends in Seattle.

As usual, blog posting will be a bit sparse while I'm on the road, but I thought I'd leave you with a pretty awesome giveaway: a big-ass set of Les Mills PUMP exercise DVD's, complete with a barbell set so you can replicate the world-famous gym class in the comfort (or discomfort, who's to say?) of your very own home.

And hey, notice the generous way that I give my reviewer side-kick, Sinner Ella De'Ville, the can of peanuts to give away, while I hogged the glory of the $200ish Les Mills Pump workout program? I'm generous like that!

Oh and speaking of which, Sinner put the Random Number Generator through its paces, and the Virginia Cocktail Peanuts were won by: StarvingBitch!  Please email Sinner or me with your mailing address and flavor preference and we'll have 'em sent to you.  And I also wanted to alert all of you that Sinner has a new post at her blog outlining a Miracle Cure to Lose Weight, so be sure to check it out!)

Now just what make the Les Mills Pump workout such a nifty prize?

Well, for one, it comes with an impressive crapload of stuff.

Note: due to my inability to snag the image properly, you might think the package includes social media widgets, a laptop, and three deliriously happy fitness slaves to assist you in sculpting your own chiseled physique, but I'm pretty sure those cost extra.

According to the Beachbody folks (who are the clever marketing geniuses behind P90X, INSANITY, Turbo Fire and RevAbs), this Les Mills PUMP thing "relies on high reps at low weight to help users achieve lean muscles and improved strength… and allows users to burn up to 1,000 calories per workout all while staying in-tune with music that is perfectly timed to each move."

Pretty cool, no?  And if you go to the Les Mills Pump website, you can see that it comes with a bunch of different workouts, like "basics," "challenge," "pump and burn," "pump and shred," "revolution," "extreme," "flow," and "hard core abs."

But a closer look reveals even more options!  For instance, they have one designed to make you Super Tall and Scary...

As well as one that will render you Brightly Colored and Insanely Cheerful!

Sadly, you need a U.S. mailing address to win, sorry about that.

To enter, leave a comment below, and at some point on our journey I'll announce a winner and give you about a  week to get back to me with a mailing address. So don't forget to check in occasionally to see if you won.

Comments can be about anything, but if you've got any travel-related thoughts, advice, horror stories, or whatever, that might be inspirational!

While internet may be a challenge on the trip, I'll be reading comments along the way, and hope to be posting as well, whether or not I have anything interesting to say.  Lack of a sensible topic has never stopped me from blathering on before.

Adios for now and good luck on the giveaway!

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