What's On Your Workout Playlist?

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Looking for workout tunes?

And say, wouldn't it be nice if some blogger assembled a vast collection of awesome songs that totally transformed your workouts from a dreary chore to a blissful celebration of movement and music?

Well sorry, I ain't that blogger.  In fact, musical taste is so personal, passionate, and persnickety that no matter who claims to have the best workout playlist, it will, for most people, suck in some way or another. 

But you've got to start somewhere in locating new faves, right? And over at Shape Magazine they've got a great round-up of workout playlist selections from 13 health and fitness bloggers.  Some contributors may sound familiar to you... like perhaps Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment and Jenn of the FBG's?

Though of course it would also be nifty if you'd stop by Page 7 of the Shape story, to check out what The Crabby One regards as some of her favorite workout tunes.  Or actually, who cares about the songs?  I just get all excited when a media outlet mistakenly refers to me as "a top health and fitness blogger" and would send y'all over even if the article were about ear wax removal or constipation remedies.

Note:  there seems to be some disagreement as to what a "beat" is when it comes to "beats per minute" (or BPM's).  Apparently I'm playing "slow" music and going double-time. Whatever!

What do you guys like to listen to when you work out?  Suggestions greatly appreciated!

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