Gone Campin'!

OK, so actually, I'm just back from camping, but spending a few days in the desert means I've somehow accumulated a large and ugly "to do" list.

So while most fitness bloggers just back from an outdoor excursion would come back with a bunch of inspiring pictures and brilliant tips on making the most out of your hiking holiday... I've come back with a pile of stinky laundry and some heartfelt intentions to do some Serious Catching up over the weekend.  And gosh, with my grueling blogging schedule of a couple of posts a week, in which I'm forced to write... well, whatever the hell I want--you can see how stressful it is to keep up.

But let's just say as a professional Life and Wellness Coach, I'm trying to set an example! So use this non-post as a reminder of how laziness, procrastination, and rationalization prioritizing, confronting perfectionism, and being flexible about goals can sometimes make life a lot easier!

Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to!  And I'll be back Monday with a real post.  

Anyone else feeling inspired to skip something you were planning, or do a half-assed job of it, in order to make time for something else?

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