P90X Giveaway!

So the next giveaway in this summer's "bribe reluctant readers back to Cranky Fitness" extravaganza includes male readers and Canadians for a change! This P90X giveaway is actually a two-part affair; the second giveaway will happen in a few months when the P90X2 comes out.

But, you may be wondering, what the heck is a P90X and why should you be excited that it will have a sequel? And wait, who is last weeks New Balance giveaway winner?

Patience, Grasshopper, all shall be revealed!

Last weeks winner: The Random Number Generator chose #41, which means that commenter "Sinner Ella De'Ville" is the winner of last week's prize. Congratulations! Now be sure to email me to claim your New Balance UV protective stuff by end of day Friday August 5th. The Random Number Generator is notoriously over-eager and loves to generate randomness whenever it has the opportunity.

So what's cool about the P90X? Those of you who watch infomercials do not need remedial instructions, and some of us have heard tell of it through blogs, forums, and other online gatherings of hard-core fitness enthusiasts. But for the unitiated, it's a set of 12 DVD's developed by Tony Horton that comprises a 90 day program to get you fit, fast.  From what I've heard, this series will kick your ass.  If you're wanting to transform yourself into a fierce, buffed, insanely-well-conditioned superhuman and have a fair amount of self-discipline, this is supposed to be pretty darn helpful.

Have I tried it myself? Not yet!  I may be reviewing the new P90X2 when it comes out. Tony's program uses the concept of "muscle confusion," which sounds promising in my case. I figure if my brain is so easily bewildered, my muscles probably stand a fair chance of getting confused too, and if that means better fitness, then bring it on! (Although, goodness, watching the new P90X2 video I have to confess it looks intense! Fingers crossed that this Crab has what it takes to hurl herself around a room like the hardbody fitness models do so enthusiastically.  I'm thinking caffeine may have to play a large part in pre-workout planning.)

Now on to the P90X giveaway! To enter, just leave a comment; winner will be selected by the Random Number Generator.  Then check back next Wednesday the 10th to see if you won; you'll only have until Friday Aug 12th to claim your prize or the RNG will pick a new winner.  And you'll need a US or Canadian mailing address to receive the DVD set.

Good luck!

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