LifelineUSA Jungle Gym XT: Review and Giveaway!

So what do I think of the LifelineUSA Jungle Gym XT? How does the Jungle Gym XT compare to a TRX? And what do you have to do to win one of these gizmos?

Find out all this and more in this week's attempt to bribe readers back to Cranky Fitness!

What is a Jungle Gym XT? 

It's a suspension trainer, very much like the TRX suspension trainer. You're basically dealing with adjustable straps that you can put your hands and feet in so that you can use your body weight for resistance.

Here are the two hanging out together before the TRX was unceremoniously banished from the Crab & Lobster's dirty basement gym Fitness Equipment Testing and Reviewing Laboratory for the duration of the review.

(Buh-bye, yellow strappies, see ya later! We already did a TRX Review.)

What are the advantages of suspension trainers?

They're lightweight, portable, and you can toss one in a suitcase to take on the road. You can do a LOT of different exercises, and the Jungle Gym XT package comes with a DVD and a wall poster to give you ideas. You can vary your angle and the length of the straps to make exercises either easy peasey or monsterously difficult.

You can do pushing-type exercises:

Pulling-type exercises:

Leg Exercises:

And all kinds of weird-ass hard stuff that I figured would only end badly if I gave 'em a shot.

Yeah, Right.

Can I Get in Decent Shape Using Just a Suspension Trainer?

I use mine mainly as a handy adjunct to other forms of torture exercise, but sure! Just make sure you challenge yourself and take the time to craft increasing difficult cardio and strength training routines as you get more fit.

Uh, Crabby? Maybe just a little more challenging?

Is the Jungle Gym XT similar to the TRX?

Yes! When you compare the the Jungle Gym XT and the TRX, the workout experience is pretty much the same.

One difference is that the two Jungle Gym XT straps can be hung independently, which allows you to vary the width between them. The TRX straps form diagonal lines from a single point. The Jungle Gym has a dohickey which lets you hook both straps together so that they come from a single point like the TRX if you want, but it's not quite the same feel as the TRX. With the TRX you can quickly slide the connected straps through a central loop so if it feels like one side is longer than the other you can fix it quickly. I couldn't figure out how to do that with the Jungle Gym XT. But this is not a huge difference between the two.

Also, the Jungle Gym had firm plasticky foot holders instead of soft ones. Some folks may find this easier for getting in and out of.

Like the TRX, the Jungle Gym XT seems very well-constructed and solid; it seems like it's built to last a good long time.

What's the most obvious difference between the Jungle Gym XT and the TRX?

That's easy: Price! I don't know what deals can be had in various sales channels, but going to both websites, the Jungle Gym XT goes for $100 while the comparable TRX model retails at almost double that amount.

Curious to read another take? There's another review of the Jungle Gym XT over at the Fit Bottomed Girls!

How Can I Win One of These Babies?

So here's where it gets fun. The good news, for you guys anyway, is that the JungleGym folks went ahead and sent me both the review AND the giveaway samples. Which means I'm the one hauling my ass down to the post office and paying for shipping. So, guess what, Canadians? You're in! In fact, ANYONE can enter.

(And yeah, as I suppose I should remember to mention whenever I'm doing reviews, I got my Jungle Gym for free! If I weren't such a cranky and opinionated blogger, the freebie-factor could easily lead to a tendency to suck up to the sponsor. So it's something you should always be aware of when evaluating the credibility of a product review on the web, especially those by more cheerful reviewers!)

So anyway, leave a comment saying why you might want one of these things, and I'm going to pick a winner myself, based on... WHATEVER THE HELL CRITERIA I FEEL LIKE USING AT THE MOMENT! I'm giving that bossy old Random Number Generator a day off. I'll pick a winner next Wednesday, August the 24th, and you'll need to email by end of day Friday August 26th to claim your prize.

Note: if you are related to me, or are a good friend IRL, it might look a bit on the unethical side if I pick your entry. But next time there's a giveaway I'll go back to the old random number generator, who doesn't give a crap if I know you or not.

So, wanna let me know why would you'd like to have a Jungle Gym XT? Or heck, say anything you want!

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