FitBit Giveaway!

For our next installment of Let's Bribe Readers Back to Cranky Fitness, we've got another great giveaway this week: a FitBit!

This one is sponsored by Stack Exchange Fitness and Nutrition, (more on them in a moment). They've kindly agreed to include readers from Canada and Europe in the fun, so they're eligible to enter too!

Plus we've got a winner to announce from last week's Jungle Gym XT contest.

First off, who won the Jungle Gym XT?

Wow, was that a tough choice! So many heart-wrenching pleas, hilarious comments, and even an awesome poetic Ode to Cranky Fitness! So many deserving winners, and just one prize! I actually began to miss the bossy old Mr. Random Number Generator--so he's back this week.

(And as a side note: I hate the human tendency to assign a male gender to almost every inanimate object or animal we encounter, especially those we're supposed to identify with. And don't even get me started on Disney, Pixar, etc and the "male is normal, female is 'other'" messages they constantly corrupt young brains with. Yet... in this instance, I can't help thinking it's a Mr. Random Generator. But maybe that's just me?)

Anyway, two comments came in that I had to flip a coin over:

Jackie O, who works in a hospital and would share the Jungle Gym with other midnight shift workers to work out between patients and stay alert and fit; and DPO, who wanted to include one in a care package to troops in Afghanistan. The coin flip came up Jackie O, so she's our winner!

And it would be really cool, Jackie O, if we could post a picture later of the Jungle Gym in use at the hospital! And as usual, please email to claim your prize by end of day Friday August 26th or it will go to another winner.

Now, onto our next giveaway:

So Who is Offering Up the Fitbit Prize?

That would be Stack Exchange Fitness and Nutrition!

So these folks host a Q & A type site for fitness and nutrition information. You know how you sometimes have questions, like, "how do you do a burpee without barfing?" or "how many minutes on the elliptical will it take to burn off one... two... three cupcakes?" And then you try to google that question and you find a bunch of lame answers by people who have no idea what they're talking about?

Well, the Stack site is different. It's collaboratively edited and offers advice and answers from physical fitness professionals, trainers, and other athletes. The emphasis is on quality, and they seem to get tons of really interesting questions, and it's FREE, so be sure to check 'em out!

Now About that Fitbit:

Isn't it tiny and cute and adorable?

If you go over to the FitBit site, you can read all about its awesomeness.  But basically it tracks your movements throughout the day and gives you instant feedback, and also comes with online tools to help you chart your progress. Oh, and it can also give you information about your sleeping (or lack of sleeping) habits. 

To quote from their website: "The Fitbit Tracker’s super sensitive 3-D motion sensor tracks your day down to details a pedometer can’t catch, giving you access to the exact steps you take, calories you burn, distance you travel, and even showing you how active you are throughout the day."

So, want to win a FitBit? Just leave a comment and Mr. Random Number Generator will pick a winner next Wednesday. Then be sure to check back before the end of the day Friday September 2nd to claim your prize!

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