Health & Fitness Research Round-Up, Lazy Blogger Edition

So I'm thinking I may start a weekly feature that pretty much just recycles recent health research and other miscellaneous stuff culled from my Twitter feed.  Health blogging doesn't get any lazier than that!

Why stoop so low?  Well, it occurs to me that (a) not everyone on the world is on twitter (b) my sidebar twitter widget probably isn't visible from most blog readers (c) even people who do follow me on Twitter may be following thousands of others folks and sadly, may not be holding their breath every moment of the day waiting for the latest from @CrabbyMcSlacker, and finally (d) if I'm going to waste away hours tweeting about health and fitness anyway, maybe I can leverage an additional blog post with almost no effort!

These little snippets will be edited a bit--I notice that Twitter staples like RT's, @ symbols etc  tend to make non-Twitter types cranky. Some hashtags may stay just 'cause I like 'em. But it means that credit for finding links probably won't be given where it's due. Sorry 'bout that, tweeps.

So here goes practically nothing!

I love when a study says to eat MORE of something!  Study: soluble fiber may reduce belly fat

Study says working out an empty stomach won't burn more fat & may deplete muscle:

Hey, no fair: older women with more wrinkles also more likely to have low bone density.

Weird (but fascinating) study: Ovulation boosts women's "gaydar" Seems to be about mate choice; only works on men

Study on low-carb vs low-fat diets say both effective: Low carb faster at first, low fat catches up.

Average American gobbles up 580 calories a day in snacks. I'm guessing that's probably not veggies & hummus?

Y'all have no doubt seen this, but if you missed the Whole Foods Parking Lot video, it's hilarious:

Florida medical board says rape conviction no reason to keep doctor from practicing medicine: #gladIdontlivethere

Silver lining department: if you're over 65 and get breast cancer, you're more likely to die of something else.

Calcium supps may help (a little) with weight loss: But they can mess with heart health:

Study: folks who scarf chips, fries, sodas, red meat & watch tons of tv are fatter. Gosh, who woulda thunk?

WTF? Fat substitutes actually lead to weight gain?

Note: new post coming out early next week (I think!) and it's actually (a) new and not recycled and (b) health and fitness related!  And it will be appearing here at Cranky Fitness and will not be another sneaky attempt to send you over to my life and wellness coaching website.'s all, folks!  Have a happy Canada Day and a festive fourth of july weekend!

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