Giveaway: Set of 10 Workout DVDs!

So Cranky Fitness is just recently back from a long hiatus, and not surprisingly, has lost a bit of its previous readership.  Despite the obvious advantages of a health blog full of cursing, whining, skepticism and laziness, short-sighted readers seem to have found alternative, earnest, upbeat sources of health and fitness information.  What's up with that?!   Also, with perfect timing, Cranky Fitness has started up again in the somnolent depths of the summer season--when most sensible folks flee the fitness blogosphere for actual real-life getting outdoors and exercising. Silly readers!  Wouldn't you rather plop your butts back in your chairs and read about getting in shape?

However, this ill-timed Cranky Fitness re-launch may be excellent news for the 200,000 two folks who still manage to visit Cranky Fitness on a regular basis.  Thing is, I want to bribe welcome people back to the blog, and so I'm working on some giveaway opportunities for the next few weeks. This means if you bother to show up to Cranky Fitness and enter, your chances are pretty darn good of winning something!

So this week, you could win a set of 10 "Top Trainer DVD's valued at $89.95.-- UPDATE: THE CONTEST IS OVER AND THE WINNER HAS ALREADY BEEN CHOSEN. To find out if you won, and enter the next giveaway if you didn't, please visit the New Balance UV Workout Apparel Giveaway.

About the DVD's:

So an email arrived in the Cranky Fitness inbox last week asking: HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TEN TOP PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINERS IN A BOX?

And I thought: "Wow, that sounds cool, but what would I feed them? And if these guys are small enough to fit inside a DVD box, can they use regular indoor plumbing like we do? Or would I have to have a really awkward conversation with the guy at the hardware store trying to fashion facilities small enough so that they couldn't fall into the toilet bowl and drown?"

However, since this a giveaway, the feeding and hygiene needs of 10 four-inch-tall personal trainers will be your concern, not mine. The cool thing about these DVD's is that there are a bunch of different work outs for variety, highlighting Cardio, Thighs, Core, Buns, Abs, Yoga, Ballet, Pilates, Latin Dance Plyometrics, Interval Training, and Kickboxing. You can learn more about these videos at (but turn off your audio unless you enjoy the mellifluous sound of an infomercial voiceover accompanying you as you browse).

Sadly, the winner must have a U.S. mailing address to send the DVDs to. But if you don't live in the U.S., you can still enter if you can think of anyone in the U.S. you might like to give the prize to if you win. Someone will be very grateful and it will make a nice deposit in the Good Karma bank.

To enter: just leave a comment below. Winner selected by random drawing, the results of which will be announced next Wednesday the 27th. To claim your prize, email me by the end of day Friday the 29th or I'll draw another winner.

So, want to win a set of workout DVD's, or just say hi on a summer day? All comments welcome.

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