Orcas Work Party and Mapping

I make my first water bar, photo courtesy of Glenn Tachiyama

 I spent the weekend on Orcas helping with trail building at the Orcas 25/50k work party.  This was my (gasp) first time ever making a trail.  I can hardly believe it... I am far overdue for this kind of work considering the indescribable pleasure I have gleaned from the trail these past few years.  I hope that all trail runners and other motivated and generous folks take a day (at least) every year to help keep our trails maintained.  The work party was a lot of fun and we had a great time hanging out afterward at Camp Moran.

A big, huge, gigantic, enormous THANK YOU  to all the trail workers out there!  I can really appreciate the work you do.

On our way to Orcas Island
Busy James.  Photo taken while waiting for the Orcas Ferry (no he's not driving).  Imagine if every person who was running at Orcas, all 450 people, sent James an email that needed a response.  Add in calls, website work, facebook, the list goes on. 
Passengers on the Orcas Island ferry get excited about seeing orcas on the way to...Orcas Island!
Coming in to the ferry landing
Ranger Candace (same name, diff spelling) explains the work we will be doing on the trail.
Glenn listens as Ranger Candace explains what kind of work the trail needs.
Beginning to make a water bar to funnel the water off the trail.
A water bar that needs a little improving
Placing rocks in the ruts in the trail and covering them with dirt makes the trail easier to navigate.  Trail is pictured with rocks, dirt still needs to be added.
Runners working on the trail
My first water bar.

Last of the mapping for the Orcas 50k
The lovely Camp Moran on a sunny Sunday, great day to map some trails for the Orcas 50k
James and I ran the Mt. Constitution section of the 50k and James finished the last 4.5 miles down the mountain and around Cascade Lake with GPS to confirm the exact mileage of the 50k course, which was a little short, so some distance will be added.  It was .7 miles short.  Yeah, I know, you all thought it was long...nope, just tough!
top of the mountain, what a view!

It was 24 degrees at the top of Constitution on this clear, crisp day.  Brr!
the trail seems to sprout ice!

I really don't know what the deal with the hair do is, it's pretty sweet though, huh?  Was it windy?


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